Spring Breaking, Day 1/Part 2

From March 24 –

After the Children’s Museum we drove up the street to the American Museum of Science and Industry.  This museum was more focused on the nuclear plant and its involvement in World War 2, along with some fun science things for kids to do.  And we got in free with our Adventure Science Museum membership from home!


Oak Ridge’s most frightening resident.  It was really interesting to read all about the town built around the nuclear site, and all the security and housing that went along with it.  It’s hard to imagine living in a secret town and not really even understanding what you’re doing.


They had a lot of background on how the city was built and how it all operated, along with tons of memorabilia and pictures.


Basically these people just moved buttons and lever all day without knowing they were building a bomb!


Outside of all the Manhattan project information, there was also other general science exhibits and we sat in on one show.  The girl from the audience really did have blue hair and it just added to the experiment she was part of!


The girls were pretending to build things using the same types of tough clothing/gloves that people used back years ago building the bomb.


They even had a little replica house like the employees had lived it.  They had to build tons of quick, small affordable houses and dorms to house all the employees.  It was a cute little house and still had a lot of original furnishings in it.


Afterwards we went and checked into our hotel and then picked a burger and shake place to eat dinner.  We were all worn out from the busy day and traveling to Knoxville, and before we left for dinner Abbi was saying her throat hurt.


Afterwards we ran to Walgreens (for the first of about 300 times) and got some sore throat medicine and a few other things, all of which she refused to take when we got back to the room, in typical Abbi fashion.  We went to bed hoping she was just tired and would wake up feeling better (spoiler alert – that didn’t happen.)


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