Spring Breaking, Day 2/Part 1

From March 25-

The next morning I set my alarm early to get up and spend some time in the gym before our day got started (which always helps me feel better!) and as I left I put my hand on Abbi’s (sleeping) forehead and could tell she was burning up.  Lilli and Brent had swapped places in the night because Abbi was feeling bad, and I hadn’t even realized it.  When I got back and they started waking up we knew she was running a temperature and she was complaining about her throat hurting.  We pretty much figured it was strep.


When the Walgreens Clinic opened Brent took her and they confirmed it.  We didn’t think she’d ever had strep before (and then later remembered she had scarlet fever once) so we weren’t sure how long it might take her to feel better.


She still said she wanted to go to the zoo, so when we got there we rented her a stroller – which she was THRILLED about.  We rarely take a stroller unless we’re going somewhere like DC or Chicago where we’re walking MILES so she was happy to get one.  We figured she could at least relax and enjoy the animals.


I had really never heard anything about the Knoxville Zoo and figured it was probably small – and we were VERY wrong about that! We got in for half admission with our Nashville Zoo membership and immediately thought their bear exhibit was better than ours since it was so easy to see!


We first started out in a newer exhibit of theirs that featured pandas – a favorite of both girls.  We were amazed how close the animals seemed!


Their monkey exhibit was so cool! All their ropes and toys were so close to us.  One monkey was right next to us the entire time eating and playing and didn’t mind us a bit.  And on a side note, it was so cold and didn’t feel a bit like “spring” break.


It was really so crazy how close the monkeys could be to us.


A side view of us with the gibbon exhibit


And the tiger was just RIGHT THERE


Because it was so cold and overcast it wasn’t at all crowded, so we had lots of space and it was easy to get pictures with the characters walking around.


And Abbi…..


This goat would not stop trying to eat my jacket!


The traditional goat selfie


For the most part we kept telling Abbi to slow down and take it easy – she really didn’t want to eat much because of her throat, but overall was up to taking on the zoo.


The stroller was a big hit for all – and a good workout for us! The zoo was so much bigger than we imagined, it had everything from the monkeys and tigers to giraffes, elephants, reptiles, rhinos, camels – basically everything!


This was how I experienced the open air bird area.


Their gorillas were so cute – we could have watched the babies play and tumble all day.


Eventually later in the day she did wear down and fell asleep, and slept for quite a while in the stroller while we looked at some indoor reptile exhibits.


Two animals who need to be caged.


We stopped in the gift shop and got a few things and then headed on our way.  It really was such a nice Zoo and despite the strep throat ended up being everyone’s favorite spot we visited on our trip.


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