Spring Breaking: Day 2.Part2

From March 25 –

We spent the majority of the day at the zoo, so it was late afternoon by the time we were leaving and too late to squeeze in any other attractions.  So we headed downtown to visit the Sunsphere.  We’d seen it many times as we drove through Knoxville headed other places and were really curious to go up inside it and see what it was all about.


It was built years ago for the Worlds Fair, and it has a nice little park below it.  Admission is free, so we were all about that! Compared to other cities it’s nowhere near as tall as the Space Needles or any of the sites in Chicago or New York, but it’s still pretty neat.  And did I mention free??


The views from the top are nice, you could see the university and downtown, and the mountains in the distance.  The angles of the sphere are also pretty neat.  There’s just not really a lot of “skyline” to see in Knoxville.


We walked all around the circle and read about Knoxville history.


Abbi wasn’t that interested in a selfie with the Sphere!


They were pretty interested in the cute playground we saw as we had walked by earlier.  We stopped there to burn off some last energy of the day since we had nowhere else to be.  There were a lot of people around playing Pokemon, which we had no idea was even still a thing.


It was nice to have such a cute little playground downtown.


Afterwards we went back to the hotel and Abbi pretty much passed out for the day.  She hadn’t eaten much because her throat still hurt so badly and she was just worn out.  So we had a hotel room picnic for dinner.  We got the girls Happy Meals (which Abbi never ate) and Brent got this fast food Indian for us.  I wish we had one of these near us! Such a fun and neat place for quick serve Indian.  It was really good.


Abbi slept on our bed pretty much the entire evening and barely ever woke up.


Brent took Lilli to swim while I stayed in the room with Abbi.  I’m not sure she ever knew Lilli made it to the pool.


After they got back to the room Lilli had water in her ear that she couldn’t get out.  We lived through her having swimmer’s ear last year and it was about the worst thing ever and she was in so much pain.  So they made trip number 85 of this “vacation” to Walgreens for drops.  I’m pretty sure by this point they knew us.  But, it’s way better than swimmer’s ear and another doctor’s visit and thankfully this Walgreens was a late night one!  Just another vacation memory in the books…..


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