Vacation, Day 4

From March 27 –

We got up early on Tuesday to eat breakfast, pack up and get to Dollywood as it opened.  I don’t think we were the only ones who had that plan.  (This is the line for the shuttle bus that takes you up to the entrance.)


Dollywood was the number one thing everyone wanted to do on our trip.  We had such a great time at Silver Dollar City two years that we just assumed Dollywood would be as much fun since so many people in our area go there and just love it.  And we’re big Dolly fans since she donates books to all the kids up until age 5.  So we overlooked the ridiculous price of tickets and were hoping it would be worth it! We got in (using a 10% AAA discount) and got the girls measured for their ride wristbands.


We took off and found a roller coaster Lilli was tall enough for.  She was tall enough for quite a few things and lines were still pretty short.  They had a really good time on this one.  Abbi was in a good mood and we found a small little roller coaster she was tall enough for and while we waited in line the ride broke.  There was nothing else around she was big enough to do so we just waited for Brent and Lilli to finish up.


We headed to a part of the park with carnival rides so there would be something for her to do, and basically it was just your basic carnival rides.  We did the carousel and she enjoyed that.  Otherwise that area was pretty boring and really too little for her.


As we were  getting off the train that just takes you around the park was loading up to go so we ran over – we were able to get on but had to split up and we were right behind Brent and Lilli.  As soon as we raced on Abbi started throwing a fit that she didn’t want to do it.  I figured she’d get over it and as much as she loves trains that she’d end up loving it.  Boy, was I wrong.  As soon as we started moving she started crying and yelling that she was going to throw up.  The 12-13 year old boy she was sitting next to looked THRILLED and tried to give her all the space.  It was a long, long ride.  She eventually calmed down but I was so glad to get off that train.


All she wanted to do was watch these dancers.  So on the train I’d promised her as soon as we got off we’d head straight there for the next show and that calmed her down.


Their show was funny and cheesy and she loved it.


Afterwards we grabbed some lunch and walked around some more.  Lilli and I rode a coaster and then Brent and Lilli did.  There were a lot she wasn’t big enough for, and there really wasn’t much of anything for Abbi at all.   One of us spent most of the day keeping her entertained while the other two were in lines.


I eventually took Abbi to the Dolly museum and we looked at all her stuff while Brent and Lilli rode.  Overall Dollywood was a big disappointment.  I’d go back when they’re both teens and can ride all the big stuff, but at their ages it was incredibly overpriced.  This one day ended up being over 25% of our entire vacation spend – lodging and dog boarding included! It just wasn’t worth it.  It was also really crowded and made lines long for the things we did do.


We grabbed a few things in the gift shop (not this) and then got in the car to start the drive home.


I’d say one of them got vacationed!


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