The Rest of Spring Break

From March 28 – 31…..

On Wednesday of Spring Break I worked from home while Lilli relaxed and played, and Abbi went to daycare.  We played some Twister that night, and as you can tell one person kind of plays by their own rules.


On Thursday, Lilli went to Owl’s Hill day camp with two of her friends for the day.  She LOVED it.  We’d been on a field trip there in second grade and didn’t realize they have camps, so we’ll definitely be doing more of them.  It was a wet and rainy day, but the kids didn’t care.  They spent the day cleaning up creeks, learning about animals, and all kinds of other nature and animal activities.  They are an owl preserve, and really aren’t open to the public much, so it’s fun to spend time there.  She came home muddy and happy, and did NOT want to leave.


I was off for Good Friday and Brent took the day off, too.  We decided to be local tourists and went to the Parthenon for the morning.  We’d never been, and Brent hadn’t been since high school.  I’d always been curious about what was inside, so it was a fun day to go.


Overall it was “meh”.  Seeing Athena and reading about how/why the entire Parthenon was built was more interesting than the art and collections inside it.  Athena was massive and super impressive, but it wasn’t something we’d need to see often.


I’m glad we did visit though since it is a Nashville “icon”.  But I wouldn’t send out of town guests here.


And clearly, by this point Abbi was in a Mood, so that didn’t help our experience.


Our Spring Break week was so overcast and just cloudy and cool.  They get out of school so early that Spring Break doesn’t even feel “springy”.  We did bring some bread for the ducks, geese, and pigeons – and the girls enjoyed that more than the Parthenon.  Ha! Oh well.


We had lunch at a hot dog place on West End and then went to the No Baked Cookie Dough shop – which was SO good.  And better than the Parthenon for me.  =)


When the sisters get along and play well – it’s a good, good day!


It was a really nice Saturday and we were outside mowing, doing yard work, and just enjoying the pretty day.  Abbi and Brent had run an errand and Lilli was inside when I saw Olli chasing something.  I got closer and he had found a mole! We have awful moles tearing up our yard all the time, and normally they’re just in the front yard but I guess this one had made a tunnel to the back and met up with Olli.  Olli wouldn’t let him dig down – he’d swat him back up, lick him, and put his head down on top of him.  Mostly he just wanted someone to play.  I knew the girls would love seeing him so I ran in the garage, grabbed a shovel and the lawn spreader (I didn’t see an empty bucket!) and ran to scoop him up.  After a few tries I got him right as Brent and Abbi were getting back.  Everyone found my discovery and “bucket” pretty hilarious.


The girls named him Cuddly and kept it all afternoon.  They dug worms and grubs for him and we all watched him slurp them up.  He was actually pretty cute.  They showed our neighbor who instantly asked if we were going to kill it – ha!! I don’t think he realized how much of a “pet” it had become.


Nothing better than an afternoon ride in the old truck!


A little tree climbing…..


The weather man had said that Easter would be rainy so we let them do their confetti eggs on Saturday instead.  They’re egg shells filled with confetti and they have the best time cracking them on themselves, trees, the ground, anything.  They’re really pretty and a lot better than making dyed eggs for us!


And they make for pretty pictures, too!


When we headed out that evening for errands and dinner we took Cuddly to a park a few miles away.  As much as they loved him we didn’t want him back on OUR street!  They let him go on the greenway and he immediately dug a new tunnel.  He was one very well fed mole for the day!


That night they wrote letters to the Easter Bunny.


Sweet, sweet Lilli.


And they went to sleep with visions of the Easter Bunny in their head!


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