Easter 2018

April 1 – Easter Sunday

This Easter the kids woke up in a great mood excited to see what the Easter Bunny had brought them. The rushed down stairs carrying all of their stuffed bunnies (including the new bunnies Granny has just bought them at Cracker Barrel.


The Easter Bunny was really good to the kids this year. Lilli got a Squashmallow stuff panda (it was a huge deal at the time) candy and a magazine subscription to Girls World.


Abbi also got a Squashmallow stuffed animal, candy and a magazine.



After church we wanted to get pictures of the girls in their pretty dresses (and Squashmallows)


And we wanted to get a family picture. When Lilli was younger we used these same ears every year for a family picture. We continued it with Abbi but got out of the habit the last few years. We also always had Pippin in the Easter family photo (complete with his own set of ears)…


Olli didn’t want any part of the family photo (especially the ears) but the girls had a blast trying to put the ears on him.



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