Dentist and Everyday Life

April 2 – 5

It’s time for a visit to the kid’s dentist.


We love how they get to sit beside each other. This really helps Abbi because she’s a little nervous about the whole dentist idea. When they are first called back they get to pick out a DVD from a large collection and it plays on an overhead screen between them. That’s such a great idea to keep kids from squirming.

This was Abbi’s second trip to the dentist and I thought she was going to do fine but I looked up about halfway through and she was upset so I spent the rest of the visit sitting beside her and holding her hand.


Lilli has a head full of teeth! I think it’s also cute because you can see her little earrings on the side.


With shiny clean teeth I thought it would be a great idea to take them to Fox’s Donut Den before taking them to school. It’s become an after dentist tradition and the kids love it.


One night after work I stopped by Goodwill and they had the old Hangman game. I remember playing this when I was their age. It brought back a lot of memories but made me realize how much the world has changed. It felt a little weird to describe: If you don’t guess the word this person is killed by being hung from a rope. No pressure. Luckily Lilli has already played it at school (on paper) so it wasn’t an awkward conversation.


I believe it always storms at bedtime. Right after we put the girls to bed the thunder began so we let them lounge in the office until it passed. Olli thought it was a wonderful idea.


The girls are enjoying gymnastics and it’s fun to see the different personalities. Lilli really enjoys the technical aspects of gymnastics and she’s really good with her flips and tumbles. Abbi… just wants to be a dancer. She’s good with her little gymnastics routines but she usually wears her tu-tu. It’s fine. It’s cute. But this is the week that I decided she had outgrown her current tu-tu.


The past couple of years we’ve paid companies to mow our yard. It’s not cheap and we weren’t happy with the people we’ve been using so our neighbor said “I think between the two of us we can keep this yard mowed”. He’s an amazing neighbor. He’s 87 and he’s just bored. Sometimes he’ll mow his yard 2 or 3 times a week. Usually he’ll just mow the front yard and I’ll get the side and back and I’ll do the trimming. I always enjoy getting Ring Doorbell notifications and see him mowing.


The girls at Abbi’s school are all about fixing hair and the teachers are happy to volunteer. This day I walked up on a large makeover session on the playground.


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