Cars and Kites

From April 8 – 14…..

In my Kroger Clicklist order we got one of the fun Lays bags with the faces on it.  Everyone had a lot of fun playing with it and I requested a girl bag in the following weeks, but after one or two of this guy it seemed like they ran out of the fun packaging.


We’ve always heard of the Lane Motor Museum and thought it would be something fun to do with the kids but we’ve just never made the time to go.  So for this afternoon we surprised them and didn’t tell them what fun adventure we were heading on until we got there.  We’re trying to be better tourists in our own town.  Can you tell Abbi was excited?


They had some really, really cute and exotic cars. Most of them were small and European looking, and Abbi was in love.  They were all “her size”.  We’d told her you couldn’t touch and she was really good about that, and not running or losing her mind even though I’m sure she wanted to.


The main floor had a lot of cars and then apparently there was a full floor underneath.  We saw a tour right as we walked in – but the front desk didn’t bother to tell us it was the last one of the day, so we missed seeing the entire bottom floor.


More tiny cars…….


They had a nice kids area with some riding toys, books, games, and things the kids could do if they were bored looking at cars.  They also had a scavenger hunt for older kids that Lilli did.  And overall it wasn’t busy at all, so it made for a nice afternoon.


They did have one little car that you could touch and sit in – and it was basically occupied ALL afternoon by kids that would just sit in it.  So when I finally saw a break I called the girls over – they’d been super patient all afternoon.


Can you tell Abbi was in heaven??


I got in it but it felt so tiny and I felt like I was just going to flip over.  The girls were having the best time and really not being wild at all – just touching the car and pretending to drive – when one of the employees came over and yelled at them.  He was beyond rude and told them to quit touching everything inside it.  There was no reason for him to be so rude and then he proceeded to just stand beside us.  We were done there anyway, and as we headed out Abbi wanted to look in the gift shop – which had tons of signs about kids not being allowed to touch any of the play cars on sale.  So we just left.  We had talked about getting a membership since the girls enjoyed it so much, but after absolutely being yelled at – we decided we didn’t want to support that kind of place.  We’ve got a ton of memberships all over town, and it’s pretty much a “once you’ve seen it you’ve seen it” kind of place anyway.


The Preds were back in the playoff so one pretty afternoon I took a walk around outside and enjoyed all the banners on the bridge.  Unfortunately this just wasn’t their year for the Cup.


Lilli was finally the Queen for the week in class.  That means one parent got to come and talk about their job, lead a craft, etc and share with her class.  She picked Brent since I went last year and he shared pictures and video on how to make books and helped them create a book (that he later had printed) about their school year.  Afterwards he took Lilli out for a slush.


Flying kites on a nice and windy afternoon…..


Just doing a little library errands….


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