Field Days

From April 16-20……

He is the strangest dog.  You literally don’t ever know what patch of sun he might be hanging out in.


One place you can always find him is anywhere he can possibly be in the way.  Since Abbi took dance this past year at school the living room has been turned into a dance floor for both girls.  I’ve given up on moving the coffee table back and forth and we just have it off to the side.  And since both girls were getting ready for end of year recitals featuring The Greatest Showman every night was some sort of dance performance for us.  They’ve got quite a few cute routines and both girls are counting down the days until Dance starts back for them in mid August.  Lilli took ballet for a short time period when she was four and hated it – it really was a boring class.  Ever since she’s only done gymnastics/cheer but over the last few months as Abbi has been dancing more she’s shown more interest.  So I found them a studio where both girls can take a class they’re both interested in at the same time – and I also found a unicorn.  Lilli will be taking a Jazz class that focuses on theatrical music, jazz, hip hop and lyrical – all things she’s interested in and they’ll tie in well with her tumbling.  Abbi will be taking a Tap and Ballet class, the two things she’s been doing and wants to keep doing.  At the end of the year (in June) they’ll have a big full length production at Vanderbilt.


He really does absolutely try to get in the way.  And he doesn’t flinch a bit as they leap over him and use him as a prop.  In his world any attention is good attention.


On one of my work from home days I had lunch with Lilli – it wasn’t nacho day so it wasn’t good.  But the company was delightful, as always.


Lilli was outgrowing her rollerblades so we got her a new pair of skates.  This pair has blades and traditional skates, so she can change them back and forth.   They did a month long session of roller skating in PE (they had rented skates) so she was even more into skating than normal.  Even the kindergarten kids got to skate (there are some things like archery that they don’t get to do) so Abbi is looking forward to that next year.


Our road was repaved back in March so it makes for really fantastic skating now.


I’m not even sure…..


One night our doorbell captured a coyote on our porch.  We were aware we have several in our neighborhood, it’s good to know they’re quite comfortable just coming on up for a visit….


Abbi’s school had a big spring “Field Day”.  She was so excited – as we got there they were putting up the inflatables and they also had a popsicle truck.  Such a fun and special day.  Miss Rachel made sure she was in her group and sent me a ton of pictures of them having fun.  This is Miss Rachel, Stella, and Abbi.  Stella and Abbi became best buds this year.  Stella will be going to one of the other Brentwood schools, but they’ll be back together in middle and high school in the same zone.


On one of the inflatables with Stella.


Having such a good time – it was so sweet of Rachel to send me lots of pics.  We just love her and Abbi misses her so much.


Stella, Abbi, and Addie Jane.  Addie Jane was at the same school Abbi was at that abruptly closed on us a few years ago.  So these two are “old” friends.  All three girls will be at different elementary schools but will feed back together for middle and high school.


Some of her class with the popsicle man.  Such a fun idea.  Her class had 20 kids in it with 3 teachers, so they had split into 3 groups for field day.


That night we picked up Kelly and had her over for a sleepover.  These girls just get along so well and have the best time together, I wish they saw each other more often.  They met in gymnastics many years ago but aren’t on the same night/class anymore.  These girls will be together in middle and high school and it’s crazy to think that’s just two more years away now! I know they’re excited for that day! And they’ll be in Girl Scouts together this fall so they’re also really excited for that.


I’m not sure how she does it.  Really.  I kind of picture her still somehow looking like this at 16 after a bowl of ice cream.


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