Sneak a Peak / Scouts

From April 6 – 7…..

It was finally time for one of the biggest and best days of the year – the Kindergarten Sneak a Peak! Abbi had been looking forward to this day basically all year – the day she gets to meet the other future kindergartners at the Park and ride one of the “real” school buses from the park to school, get a tour, eat a cookie, and ride back.  It was a weirdly cold and rainy morning for early April, but she was still beyond excited to FINALLY get to ride that bus.


She will be going to kindergarten with several friends from her Pre-K and church classes, so she’s really excited about knowing at least a few friends.  Hopefully at least one will end up in her same class – with a 1/5 shot I’m hoping at least a couple will land in the same place!


When we were riding the half mile or so from the park to school she was just beaming and kept telling me it was even better than she imagined.  One of her best little buds was on the row behind us and they were just squealing and talking through the seats to each other.


We did our tour and got to see the kindergarten rooms, the specials rooms (art, PE, music, library, etc) and then had cookies in the cafeteria before riding the bus back to the park.  On the ride back, in typical second child form, she didn’t want to ride with me and wanted to ride with Piper instead.


Then they added Luke into their row for even more cuteness.  None of them were happy to be headed back to Pre-K afterwards, but they did get to share their adventures with their classmates.  Since most of the kids in her class live in the area they even included some of these “Sneak Peak” photographs into the Pre-K graduation this year which was really super cute to see where they’re all headed and who will be in school with old classmates.


After school Lilli was headed off for a big Girl Scout “Jamboree” at a camp on the north side of town.  There are two Girl Scout camps in the Nashville area, and this time she was headed to the “other” one for some cabin life and Girl Scout activities.


So once again Abbi was the only child and queen of the house for a night.  She requested Noodles for dinner (no surprise) and she wanted us to dress up.  I have to dress up every day so at least Brent obliged her on that one. Ha!


After Noodles we went to Target and then Barnes and Noble for her requests.


It’s so sad how lonely she is when Lilli is gone. Ha! Actually, she does fine until bedtime and then she really, really has a hard time without sis.  Generally she is a bit lost without her, but at bedtime she worries about sleeping alone and it takes a very, very long time to get her to fall asleep.


Meanwhile…..somewhere at a Girl Scout facility………


There’s always Thin Mints if a Girl Scout is near……


Looking cozy for sleep.


There’s no way this is comfortable…..


I still hadn’t done our taxes so Brent took Abbi out for the morning so I could get those done.  Surprisingly we even got a little refund this year!


It really was a weird and cold weekend – they even saw a little snow that morning before they headed back!  It sounds like sleep was a little uncommon that weekend and the weather impacted some of the things they had wanted to do, but she came home with some cute crafts and another adventure under her belt.


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