From April 15-

Those kindergarten vibes were everywhere – and on this day we had our kindergarten kickoff at church.  We had a catered lunch and then got to hear more about the K-2 program Abbi would be moving up to in June.  It was a nice opportunity to meet several of the other parents and we also found out her favorite little friends (and several others) would be going to the same school.


That night it was finally our turn to go to Wicked.  It had been in town for several weeks, and our tickets were towards the end of the tour.  And this time we’d decided Lilli was old enough to go and see the “untold” story of the Wizard of Oz.  We’ve seen several shows with the Hintons and they’re always fun to do events with, so we were able to all get seats together for the show.  We had a sitter for Abbi and they had a sitter for Evie, so it was a “big kids” night out.  We met for dinner beforehand at Frothy Monkey and then walked up to the show.

Elphaba and Galinda.


These two were so excited to spend time together AND see Wicked.  The Hintons had been listening to the music and we’d shown Lilli some but she wasn’t all that excited until we got there.  She had been excited – but then when she saw how excited Abbi was to be getting rid of us and having an evening with their favorite sitter, Miss Chelsey, her excitement dimmed a bit until Audrey got there.


We were pretty excited to see the show, too.  It was our third time, but it’s my favorite show so we’ll see it a 4th, 5th and on and on until those songs just don’t get me anymore!


We had really good seats in the front part of the middle section and luckily all the kids could see.  It was a packed house and every seat was full.


It was another great production – both Elphaba and Galinda were fantastic.  It just never gets old.


These two really loved it.  At intermission they were singing “Popular” and just having the best time with it.  Lilli really has sparked an interest in musicals this year after Greatest Showman as well as some of the other shows she’s been to in the past, so this was right up her alley.  And it was really cold again.


A quick 7 person selfie before we said good night to the Hintons!  Always so much fun catching up with them!


This girl danced all the way back to the car.  Abbi had a great night, too.  She had asked Chelsey if they could go out on a “date” – so they went to Noodles and Target and had a blast together.  I don’t think Abbi thinks she missed a thing other than having to sit still for a couple of hours!


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