Earth Day

From April 21 – 26……

The next morning after we had breakfast the girls wanted to celebrate Earth Day by picking up trash around the neighborhood.  Isn’t that what all 9 year old girls like to do at a sleepover? Actually, if they did the world would be a better and cleaner place!

It’s pretty easy for us to get trash in our area since two new subdivisions are being built on either side of us.


They ran around in one of the new areas where houses were being built and easily got a lot of bottles and tossed out trash.


They wanted to keep going and keep going but once our bag was too heavy to carry we headed back and made it just a few minutes before Kelly’s mom came to pick her up.


Later that afternoon at Kelly’s house the girls had a bake sale/art show to raise money for endangered animals.  Again, just a normal afternoon in the life of a 9 year old.  Actually, one of the things we enjoy most about Kelly and her family is that they are very active for causes and we try to make sure Lilli is aware of age appropriate political events as well.  The night before while eating ice cream the girls were discussing Donald Trump’s latest antics.  If more people were as informed as these girls are we might have a very different president in office.


That night we took the girls out to LIS Parents Night Out and we went out for a nice dinner at Connors and then did some shopping at Lowes for a new light and fan for the living room.  And I’m sure there was Starbucks in there, too.


The van finally got some much needed new tires!


I have an amazing view of downtown from anywhere I sit, but it’s even better from the 360 degree walking track 4 flights up on the 28th floor.  It’s so amazing to watch storms move in and see the break in clouds.


It’s hard to capture the depth of it, especially with the reflection, but so often you can see the cloud wall and literally watch the rain move across downtown.


An email you don’t ever want to get – when the Antioch Waffle House shooter was still missing and the manhunt extended to Brentwood Lilli’s school was on lockdown.  Luckily they found him later that day.


This girl loves containers so we let her use them all one night in packing her lunch.


Nothing but love.


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