Granny Camp

From April 27-30…..

One Friday morning a too-tall truck tried to drive through downtown and it didn’t go well.  At all.  He was wedged under the interstate, shutting down the entire downtown loop for several days while being cut out from the bridge and the bridge stabilized.  They’re still working on repairs to the bridge.


So it made the afternoon commute interesting.  My side was able to proceed, but it still backed things up.  He was wedged under the overpass that goes to the left side where you see the equipment and smoke coming up.


Traffic woes couldn’t stop us from enjoying a Granny Camp weekend! We went out for fish tacos for dinner, of course.


And a nice walk around the greenway.


The next morning we did some yardwork and then were eating some lunch and were about to head out for the fun portion of our day – when we noticed a lot of something swarming in the front yard.  At first we thought it was a lot of gnats or crane flies stirred up from the freshly mowed yard – and then we noticed thousands and thousands of bees swarming our tree.


They just kept swarming and swarming until they landed on this stub of a branch and then just parked out on it.  We had no clue what to do and Google made it sound like they’d stay a day or two and then move on, but we weren’t keen on that.


Brent has a friend who has some bee hives, so he texted him and he got right in the car to come over and get them.  Apparently a hive this size is a “great find” so he was really excited to capture them.  He brought a box and his trusty side kick and they got to work.


He swiped most of them in the box and left it cracked so the others would swarm in and follow their queen.  He left it for several hours and came back late that night and took them to his hives, where last we heard they’re doing well.  He said something might have changed in their environment where they had left and were looking for a new home, but that a swarm this size was likely someone’s “pet” just a mile or two away from us.


With that drama resolved we headed out for a now late afternoon hike.  We headed to the newly opened section of Edwin Warner Park and did about a 3 mile hike.  It was nice but nothing spectacular.


The new chicken salad place we found afterwards in Bellevue was though!


We also continued my quest for the perfect bagel.


And did the long hike at Smith Park.


More green trails…..


Found feathers make for great hairpieces……



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