May Randoms

From May 1 – 6…….

It’s a shame he doesn’t get more attention before school.


I see a lot of protests downtown outside our government buildings but this was one of the most bizarre.  A lot of construction workers protesting something with a big inflatable rat.


Her very first teeny bopper poster – her one and only Shawn Mendes.  She just loves his music.  He’s coming in concert NEXT August so if she’s still a fan we’ll go!


On May 4th – “May the Fourth be with you”.  Lilli was less excited about wearing her Star Wars shirt when she realized Abbi was wearing a matching one.


Little sis did not feel the same way.


All the windows were measured for final measurements to send to the manufacturer for our window project.


Many years ago when we were running all the time we met Charlie and Laverne through running groups online.  We’d met them once before years and years ago when Brent and I first visited Philly and NYC (maybe in 2004 or 2005).  We’ve still maintained our friendship and were super excited when we heard they were coming to Nashville for a conference.  We met up with them Saturday night for dinner and they were so excited to meet the girls in real life.  We had a great dinner at Caney Fork and wish they lived closer, they’re the kind of friends that would be so fun to hang around in real life.  Laverne is a librarian (head librarian) where they live in NJ so she always has great recommendations for Lilli and they’re both so easy to get along with.  They dress up for Star Wars for a lot of charity events so of course Lilli loved hearing about that, too.


We had such a great night with them – and the best part was we’d be seeing them again in June just a month later when we were headed to Philly for vacation!


My workout partner is such a quitter.


Abbi was invited a good friend’s 5th birthday party – her friend Piper was celebrating at a local Sports place.  We’d never been to a party there before but Abbi really enjoyed it.  They did a lot of games with the kids and had them running all kinds of drills.


Abbi is just so naturally athletic – one of the tallest, quickest and strongest in her class.


And the whole group.  All of the older ones were from Abbi’s pre-K class, with several younger siblings mixed in.  Lilli was feeling too old to go, so she stayed home with Brent.


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