Nacho Momma

From May 7 – 10…….

She loves him so hard.  Clearly he hates it.


Looking like a peacock headed into gymnastics, but at least we got her a pair of booty shorts.


Landing those back flips on the tumble track……


Freckle season!


When we got the bikes out for spring Lilli looked like a giant on hers, and Abbi looked like a giant on hers as well.  So we knew we’d need to do some shopping soon and make some trades.  Abbi also wanted her training wheels off, so we took them off and Brent spent a lot of time working with her on riding her bike.  She got it really fast and quickly adapted to not having the training wheels.  He had to help her in and out of the driveway and she basically ran him to death, but they did it!


This giant grasshopper made it all the way to the 28th floor.  I call that perseverance!


Abbi’s dance recital was coming up so we tried on parts of her costume to make sure it all fit.  She was SO excited for her performance but we were a little nervous – we’d ask her if she wanted to practice or show us some and she always told us she didn’t know it.


The last nacho day of the school year! I for sure couldn’t miss that! I needed to rearrange my schedule to be working from home the day of Abbi’s dance recital since it had an early call time, so it worked out perfectly.


She picked Katelyn to eat at the special table with us.


And one last school cafeteria selfie for her third grade year! This reminds me I need to find my Tier 3 badge and start printing out that school cafeteria menu since school starts for Lilli tomorrow! Good-bye 3rd grade, hello 4th grade!


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