Dance Recital 2018

From May 10th….

Finally, it was time for Abbi’s big dance recital.  She’d been looking forward to it for weeks, but really hadn’t told us a thing about it or practiced any routines so we were a little worried at how it might turn out or if she knew her routines.

We didn’t have to buy much for the recital, which was nice! We just had to pay for these matching leotards, hair bows, and a few accessories.  We were supposed to get their hair in a bun but the teachers were SO sweet they got all the “dance girls” up from nap early and had them completely ready when we showed up at call time! We all donated some bobby pins and hairspray and Ms Allison did a great job with hair and Ms Rachel had them all dressed.  When we walked in all we had to do was take pictures and oooh and ahhh over them – and the “Dance Girls” were definitely feeling fancy!


Dance was an “Add on” at her school.  Once a week Ms Donna came and signed them out and they went downstairs and changed into their ballet clothes and danced for an hour.  In her 4’s class Abbi didn’t want to participate, but this year she decided she did and I was happy she was excited about it.  Every week she LOVED going to dance – and all the girls were sad if Ms Donna was gone and they didn’t get to have dance.  Plus they got to skip nap that day! Left to Right – Stella, Addie, Adelyn, Miss Rachel, Leila, Abbi and Piper.


Silly faces before show time!


Their class combined with the “other kids” for dance.  Her school also had a traditional Mother’s Day Out program downstairs – so those kids were usually called the “downstairs kids” or “the others”.  Dance was a combination of both groups.

First they came out and did some tapping.


It was such a cute program and lasted for about 35 minutes of solid dancing! I’m not even sure how many numbers they did – it was a LOT of work!


They did a cute bunny rabbit tap song.  All the kids watched Ms Donna the whole time – but they all knew their moves and were so confident.  I was SO impressed with Abbi! She was front and center, knew it all and was just beaming with pride and joy! Dance suits her.


Then they changed up a little and did some ballet.


She did some partner work with Ms Donna.


She has absolutely loved Ms Donna.  Ms Donna is just the apple of all the girls eyes – you could see how they watched her and just listened to every word of hers.  She is so sweet and treats each child so specially that you can tell why they all loved her.  She also taught a weekly “PE” style class for all the kids (included in our tuition) where they tumbled and did all kinds of physical activity.


More ballet – look at that leg extension for Abbi!


Ms Donna has won all kinds of awards – in her younger years she was in the Miss USA pageant and I believe was 1st or 2nd runner up, and has been in all kinds of Ms Senior USA pageants – and won! She did a dance of hers and the girls watched then joined in and they were all in AWE of her.  It was so sweet.


Then they showed off their tumbling and cheer with cartwheels and all kinds of fun moves.


Big finale!


And a little jazz to round it all out.  Seriously, it was a LOT of songs and dances! They all did great.  We were so impressed with the program and the girls (and one boy!)


She got a trophy and of course we brought her flowers afterwards.  She wouldn’t let us take them out of the wrapper and carried them around the house for days in the wrapper (and let putting it in water.) She was so proud.


Of course we had to get one with Ms Donna and give her a gift.  Abbi loved her so much and she told Abbi to “never stop dancing” and she reminds me of that all the time! Abbi loved dance so much and she really has a talent with it.  I’ve got her signed up to start dance again this week, Ballet and Tap again.  She doesn’t really know what one she likes better, so we’ll do this for a year and see where her interest lies. Lilli is also going to take a Jazz class at the same time that has Jazz, Theatrical, Hip Hop and some Lyrical.  She’s really excited too, especially since she’s never had much dance training.


And with her BFF Piper after the show.  So cute.


And later that night she was trying out Lilli’s bike while she had piano.  Ha! Just her size….


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