Cheekwood Nights

From May 11-12…….

Cheekwood had a really neat Bunny exhibit with these large inflatable (and lit) rabbits just for the month of May.  With our crazy end of school year schedule we knew we had to take advantage of the Friday night they were open late for a picnic and to see the bunnies, since it would be our only chance.


Not our finest selfie.


She wanted a large salad but mostly ended up eating our chicken salad and crackers.


They’ve completely redone the trains area so the girls really enjoyed that and all the new features they added.


There are also tons of fairy houses scattered around the lawn that you can play with and add to, and that was a huge hit.


And of course we walked all over the lawn enjoying the rabbits everywhere.   They also had lawn games and hula hoops for everyone to enjoy.


A much better selfie!


The rabbits really took on a new life as it got dark.


And then the fun shadow games began…..


I’m so glad we went this time because we didn’t make it back before they left, they had a really short exhibit time before the next art installations came to Cheekwood.


On Saturday morning Brent took two pretty dancers out Mother’s Day shopping for me.  It’s dance 24-7 around here.


They’ve got moves for days.


And taking flight……


Later that day we headed out to look for a new bike for Lilli. I think they got distracted in the hiking section.


We found her a nice new bike at Dick’s with lots of gears that was perfect for her.  She liked the bright orange and didn’t want anything girly.  We had dinner at Blue Coast to celebrate Mother’s Day and made it home in time to break it in.


And sis got Lilli’s old bike and did great with no training wheels.


She was a bit wobbly and doesn’t always pay attention, but managed to have no major falls!


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