Mother’s Day

From May 13-16…..

On Mother’s Day – the 3 people who call me “Momma” over and over and over…..


We had a pretty low key Mother’s Day.  We had gone out for fish tacos at my fave place the night before, so after church we took a few pictures – easier said than done after a busy morning.  Abbi usually looks like she’s rolled around in the floor for a few hours and today was no exception.


She also mostly wanted to play with some big sticks in the yard.


Lilli is always more willing to take a picture with her old momma – and she was having a seriously good hair day!


Abbi and her sticks.


The best at posing:


She’s got springs in her shoes…..


They gave me their gifts – homemade from school and store bought with Brent.  We kept it pretty low key since there’s just not anything I really need.  And Abbi wouldn’t let me open my own presents from her because…….it’s all hers.  My favorites are always the fun things they say about is.  And I really DO put her in some fun camps!


Wise beyond her years!


Getting good on that bike!


Lilli had her end of the year school picnic.  That’s the one day a year we can bring outside food (like McDs, etc) and we sit outside in the heat and have a picnic, the kids play, and have popsicles.  Her teacher this past year, Ms Smart, was the best teacher you could ever imagine.  She really was phenomenal.  She wrote a poem and used each child in it and read it to the kids and had us all crying.


And Lilli and Ms Smart.  Of all the teachers we’ve had, I really hope Abbi gets Ms Smart – that’s the only one I really feel strongly enough about requesting.  They’ve all been really good, but she’s just above and beyond! On our first day of school this year she went to her room to hug her – as did several other kids from her prior years.

And just like that…..3rd grade was almost over!




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