Graduation Day

From May 17th…..

And after all the other end of school year festivities it was time for Abbi to graduate from Pre-K.  They’d been practicing their Greatest Showman songs for months and she was so excited about the night.  Her teachers were incredibly artistic and talented, one teacher did these photographs of each kid in their costume (Abbi was an acrobat – so she was Zendaya) and they had everything looking amazing for the show.


They had the gym all decorated for the show…


Each table had some popcorn and they even had burgers from a local food truck for us all for dinner afterwards – and Dippin Dots!


They wanted us all there early, so Brent picked up Lilli from school and they got us a front spot and got lots of pictures for us.  They had some of their artwork and things around the room.  On this board they had where all the kids were heading – 3 from her Pre-K were heading to the same school, the most of any of the local schools.  A nice perk for attending Pre-K close to home – having one of her best friends in kindergarten with her (even though they aren’t in the same room) has been a huge comfort to her.


They walked in to the opening song of The Greatest Showman and Abbi was Miss Confident.  As anxious as she can be she is a fantastic performer.  She was the leader of her side of the line and she did GREAT.  Always on her mark, knew just where to go, and was incredibly confident with all the songs and moves.


They were led by their Gym teacher and Music teacher, and did a combination of fun dances, moves, games and songs.


The little boy next to her cracked me up – he was a “Strong Man”.


Look at those toes!


The music was hilarious – she was so serious in this song that we were just laughing so hard but couldn’t let her see.


Then I lost it when they sang a “Million Dreams” and that was the first time I saw her worried.  Thankfully they just sang a short version.  Afterwards they all got certificates and books from the Director, Lori.


The whole crew and her three teachers.  She had the best teachers and loved this group of kids! It was happy-sad to see them so big in their performance and starting to scatter to all their new schools.


And of course we had to do some pictures afterwards.  She just loves, loves, loves Miss Rachel and still talks about her all the time.


Miss Rachel did an amazing job with her all year, cuddling her when she needed it and always making sure she felt comfortable.


They wanted to recreate the zoo field trip from a year earlier when she was on her shoulder – a lot harder a year later!


Mrs Becca came to the graduation to see all her former kiddos in their show.


And of course our beloved Miss Chelsey, they are both glad to see her at church!


Her main two teachers for the year.  Miss Allison is so creative and did hair for them, led the design and is such an artistic person.


Did Abbi want to eat with us? No, the answer is No.  She’s already grown and just needs her friends.  And that’s ok.


Adelyn, Piper, Abbi.  3 amigos.


The best hugs come from the best teachers.


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