Last Day of School

From May 18th….

Abbi graduated Pre-K and then the next day was the last (half) day of school.  It was a busy and exciting week, to say the least.  It’s always a sad/happy feeling when the school bus comes for the last time for 3 months.


I’m not sure if she was a)happy her sis was gone b)happy to have the day off school herself or c)happy that when the bus started up again she’d get to be riding it.  Or maybe just happy we’d be leaving for Florida in a few hours!


That day was Lilli’s end of year Chorus performance.  We sped behind the bus and were able to actually beat them to school.  We parked, ran up and were cheering for her when she got off the bus.  She had no idea we’d be there that early so she was surprised.  And possibly embarrassed.


The teachers out front were having a huge dance party with music and all kinds of dances to greet the kids as they walked in.  So fun.


I’ve got pictures of the show somewhere, I think they got dropped into a different folder so I’ll have to find them.  But it was a great show of Chorus, Dance Team and Stage Craft.  Lilli had a speaking part and did great.  This was Abbi’s first assembly and I think afterwards she was scared for her life in the chaos.


We went home, got Olli dropped off at the boarder, got the car fully packed with our luggage and beach stuff and were just leaving to get Lilli when a friend texted that school was already let out.  Our teacher had told us a time for dismissal 15 minutes later than it really was.  Oops! We were on our way so she stayed with Lilli and we were last ones to pick up our kid on the final day of school.  Oh well! She got in and I passed out their “Welcome to Summer” goody bags.  I always make a little goody bag with workbooks for the next grade level (so she can start working on new things over summer), a few new books to read and a fun little trinket or two to celebrate the good grades of the year (all Straight A’s).  I did the same for Abbi, too.


From there we headed straight on to Florida! It’s way cheaper to go before Memorial Day, when they don’t require a 7 day stay and rates are so much less.

Third grade is exhausting.


Since we left at 12:30 we didn’t get there before dark, but we did make it right around dusk.  We stopped and pulled off just so they could run around a minute or two.


Sweet little Abbi really didn’t remember anything about the beach.  She was so surprised how loud the ocean was! So was so excited to be there and was just squealing.


And of course had to get her toes a little wet.


From there we went to our house, got settled, grabbed groceries for our stay (we don’t eat out on these types of trips) and then just enjoyed our little beach cottage.  We always get a house with its own pool so we can enjoy some swimming all on our own, and on the very first night Abbi already found a frog to love – so clearly we’d picked a great place to stay!


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