Birthday Beaching

From May 19th –

We woke up on Brent’s 41st birthday at the beach! Not a terrible way to spend a birthday, at all!

I woke up first and was doing some quiet reading on the back deck as the girls started waking up.  I told them if they were fairly quiet they could do some swimming before breakfast.  Our house was super cute, but the houses are right on top of each other and I didn’t want them waking up the entire neighborhood with cannonballs.  They were more than happy to get in some floating and swimming before breakfast.


We ate every meal out on the cute little front porch, I think.  It was a really nice little screened in porch and across the street was a wooded area so it was really pretty and serene.


After breakfast we loaded up and walked down to the beach.  It wasn’t too far of a walk, just down the street and across 30A.  The tougher part was just getting our beach cart down the hill.  Abbi was so excited to see the beach in daylight and of course they ran ahead to get some sand in their toes.


It had been 3 years since we’d been, so of course she didn’t remember it and was SO excited to get down there.


And she was super thrilled to get her feet in the ocean.


We saw a LOT of wildlife on this trip – which of course Lilli loved because she loves looking animals up in her Audubon guides.  We saw these washed up everywhere and googled them – they’re a blue button jellyfish.  Very pretty – but also a jellyfish!


And we found this guy – first time we’ve ever seen something like that living in a shell! So neat.  (and of course we put him back).


Just enjoying the pretty scenery.  It was crowded, but not miserable.  We had plenty of space, although we could’ve done without some of the loud and competing music that various groups had.  You’d have country music to your left and alternative to your right, it seemed like everyone had some sort of something playing.


Cartwheels by the ocean…..


And of course little sis had to get in on some of those cartwheels, too.


41! (And 40……)


This is the first beach trip where they’ve both just played and played and played.  We got to sit and relax a little – we didn’t get to read a lot of books or take naps – but we can start to see a day where we can relax a bit at the beach while they play.  We did have to use a TON of sunscreen though. It was a bright, clear and hot day so it seemed like we were constantly lathering up to keep them from getting burned.


Sweet sisters.  Lilli burns so easily that she usually wears one of the shirts to just keep from having to mess with as much sunscreen.  And Abbi just turns golden brown and doesn’t seem to ever burn.  We just couldn’t keep enough on Lilli’s face and even with the hat she got a little too much on her face.


Brent wanted to get buried.


And then Lilli did…..


Abbi looks pretty guilty here……


Around lunch time we headed back to our little house – you can see the two giant houses on either side of us.  Our house was all we needed – 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and its own private pool.  The girls were jealous of the big ones – but they come with big prices, too!


After lunch we enjoyed the pool…..


And then someone got very sleepy from all that sun……


We cooked some dinner and then headed back to the beach for sunset.  We took our shovels and buckets and Brent was wading out on a sand bar when he started finding all these sand dollars! We’d never seen living ones and they were SO neat! You could find dozens of them.  We put them all back, but it was so neat to see.


Beautiful sunset……


We were looking for these little crabs – they were hard to find this time, but we did find a few.


And two of these HUGE crabs!


Afterwards we went back to our little house and celebrated with some cake! Since Publix is all over the place in Florida we had no problem finding Brent’s favorite birthday cake.  The girls said it was his best birthday ever because it was at the beach – and I’d say it’s pretty hard to argue with that thinking!


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