Beach Fairy

From May 20 –

Our beach routine is pretty simple – I’m up first (always) and I grab some coffee or iced coffee (it is hot in Florida…..) and head outside.  Abbi woke up next and hung outside with me while the rest of the crew was waking up.


From there the girls would splash around in the pool and swim while Brent was starting to wake up and making us breakfast.  Also Lilli is apparently a teenager.


They’d splash around for a while before breakfast and have fun in the pool – which was really just the perfect size for us.


They’d play games and splash and get along so much better than they do on dry land.


Teamwork is the dreamwork!


After breakfast we’d load up entirely too many possessions into the beach cart and walk up the street to the beach.  I remember (vaguely) the days of having enough that a human could reasonably carry without the use of a cart.  All you needed was a book, a chair and a towel.


We dug and splashed and explored.  Lilli spent more time under the umbrella this day, her sun tolerance is just lower and she gets a bit more sun than the rest of us, despite using SPF 100 on her and only needing 50 on Abbi.


Abbi and I went on a walk and really found some (living) treasure – this sea sponge was floating around in the surf.  I’ve never seen something like this!


We also saw this floating around near the beach – I sent her back for the net and we scooped it up.  I thought it was going to just be a stick or something but we were surprised to find a living sea cucumber! We really hit the jackpot on ocean life on this trip.


We headed back around lunch and afterwards did more swimming in the pool.  Rain came in later in the afternoon so we just relaxed and rested indoors for a while and ate dinner.


Some of us rested more than others.  The beach life is a rough life.


As we were eating dinner Lilli’s 8th tooth was barely hanging by a thread.  She didn’t want us to pull it, but she was having trouble eating.


She went in the bathroom and eventually got it out herself – tooth #8 and our first out of state tooth fairy visit!


Later that night we went into Seaside to walk around and explore.  It had been raining off and on, but we ended up walking around the shops and down to the beach at Seaside.  We found a good Audubon book on Florida for Lilli of all the animals there and we went looking for a good dessert shop but never found anything we wanted so we just stopped and bought ice cream at the grocery store and headed back to our little beach house for the night.


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