Last Day of Third Grade/Chorus Performance

From May 18th….

I knew my Chorus recital pictures had gotten filed in the wrong spot (by me) and I finally found them.  These are the ones from my camera from that day.

We always make a sign for the last day of school – something Abbi was so proud of on her first day this year!


School’s out for summer! Since it was chorus recital day she had to wear white and black!


The chorus spring performance theme was Movies.  They sang songs from top movies of the year, including Lego movie and Greatest Showman, Lilli’s favorite.  Last time she was hard to see so this time we told her to make sure she stood out – which she definitely did!


A broader view of the group – the blue shirts are the people also in Dance Team (4th and 5th grade).  You can do both Chorus and Dance and they just ran back and forth between songs.


Lilli didn’t end up with a singing solo/duet but she did get a speaking part which she did great with.  We’re proud of how bold and brave she is to go in front of the whole school, cool as a cucumber, for her lines!

She enjoyed Chorus last year but didn’t want to do it again this year, or Dance team.  Since she’s taking dance lessons she didn’t want to also do dance at school and be “too busy” which is fine with us. She does want to be part of “Stage Crew” next year which is only open to 5th graders, so we’ll enjoy this year off from school recitals!


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