Christmas Lists

Here is Abbi’s Christmas list : Abbi

Here is Lilli’s Christmas list: Lilli

Here is mine and Brent’s list: Grown Ups

I did them all on Amazon this year because it’s just easier and I can add/delete things more quickly as we think of things or as they mention things.  Brent really hasn’t given me much to work with so as he thinks of things he can add them.

Neither girl really wants anything big, they just don’t play with that many toys and they have plenty to play with already.

Abbi – She is really, really into the Piggie and Gerald books so I put several on her list.  They are really cute and pretty easy to read and she reads them to us every night as she is learning to read.  Those would be the things on her list she wants the most.  She also really wants that unicorn purse and she loves bouncy balls and all the shimmer stuff.  She wants choker necklaces, big bows (the kind that are like JoJo Siwa), jewelry and makeup.  Walmart also has really cute kid jewelry that I’m sure she would like.  She’s really into all the shimmer sequin clothes.  She wears a 6 for shirts and a 5 for pants.  She could use more socks (her shoe size is 11.) And mittens, they get lost a lot.  She also likes the cheap play makeup and lip glosses.  Her favorite thing right now is cash.  A bunch of $1 bills would make her very, very happy.  She likes coloring and doing art – we go through lots of drawing paper and she prefers markers (especially the smelly ones I have on the Amazon list, most of ours have been lost or dried up.)

Lilli – She is even harder to buy from because she plays with even fewer toys.  She also likes all the jewelry, dangly earrings, chokers, and play makeup.  They both like to get “fancy”.  She could also use some new socks.  Her shirt size is an 8 and she wears a 7 pants, shoe size is a 12.  She also really likes all the shimmer and sequin clothes and anything soft and fluffy and very girly.  She has a ton of earrings and could really use the jewelry box I put on here.  She’s also interested in sewing, all the spa kit stuff (I put a kit on here), crafts, she likes to draw fashion stuff, and she really likes Wheel of Fortune.  She also really, really likes cash and gift cards.

Gift cards for them – they love Sonic, Starbucks, McDs, Noodles, Target, Above All (trampoline place), Brentwood Skate Center (roller skating), Claire’s, and Amazon.

Brent and Me – I couldn’t come up with too much fun stuff for us – we could use the trash can and light vacuum most of all, then I added a few other fun things. The pizza stone and password book would also be pretty high up on the list.  Gift cards for us would be for places like Blue Coast Burrito, Uncle Julio’s, Nordstroms, Target, Kroger, Starbucks, McDs, Wendy’s and Blaze Pizza.



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