The Safari Home

From May 22.  I think.

Well, maybe over the holidays I’ll get a little blogging done.  Doubtful, but I’ve given up hope of ever being truly caught up again.  As long as everything eventually gets written for the girls to read about all the fun adventures they’ll never remember that’s totally fine! Outside of all the details I’ve already started forgetting at least it’s somewhat nice to talk about warm days on a pretty chilly day where we narrowly escaped getting ice and snow in Nashville.

It was time to load up and head back home, and man I remember it being a HOT and muggy morning as we loaded up the car and made sure all eight million stuffed animals we’d packed were accounted for.  Our little house was the perfect size for us and really offered everything we needed for a nice little vacation.  It would have been nice to have more yard and space between us and the neighbors, but that’s just a luxury these Florida resort areas don’t provide.  At least not in our budget.


The girls weren’t too happy to be leaving beach life.  They’d love to have a place at the beach, but honestly after about two days of the ocean life we’re all tired of the sand, the bottles of sunscreen required for us not to burn and the crowds.  While we all had the flu during the month of November we did watch a lot of Beach Hunters and enjoy watching people buy their dream beach house!


And the drive back from Seaside is so, so very long and boring.  We stopped for lunch in Montgomery and right near that exit we’d seen a sign about a Safari Park.  If there’s one thing (besides a Russell Stover outlet) that I’m pretty easy to talk into going off course for it’s a Safari Park.  We had all day to get back and so we backtracked one exit (after an awful lunch at Hardees that reminded us why Montgomery is one of the worst cities in the USA) to check out the Alabama Safari Park.  It had only recently opened so we were excited to visit.


There were very few cars there – we were there during the week and that area (and most others) weren’t out of school yet.  So the animals were VERY friendly and VERY hungry.  Aggressive was the name of the game.  We’d gotten buckets of feed for everyone thinking the girls would be all in.  But after the first few just about climbed through the window they were a little scared!


There was a lot of squealing, a lot of screaming, and a lot of animal spit coming in my side of the car.


After we’d feed something it would run right beside the car and sometimes jump right in front of it to get our attention.  Later we saw a pack of animals just stand right in front of a car and not move.  The staff had to come out and get them to move on.  The animals were definitely not scared of the cars! We’ve been to some parks where the lines were long and the animals stuffed and they couldn’t have cared less about you, but not the case here!


For the most part, Abbi enjoyed things with the window up.  They’d go for the smaller animals where they’d dump food out and then just watch.


No animals here were off limits, so we could even feed the zebras.  Most places don’t allow that because they can bite, but after the aggressive camels, emus, and ostriches these guys were fine.


The elusive zebra.  They were so pretty and it’s so neat to get this close to them.


The source of some major zebra spit in my car.


Abbi’s preferred animals to fee – short and sweet.


It was really a very, very overcast day where we felt like it could pop up and rain at any time.  As we were getting done with the drive thru it started pouring so we shopped in the gift shop for a little while.  Then when it slacked up we went to see the pigs and goats.  We didn’t realize you fed them the same food and we’d given all of ours away.  The ladies in the gift shop were super nice and gave us more so we’d have something to feed them.


And they were all starving, too! The baby pigs were so cute.


And they even had giraffes! We got to feed them lettuce.


So pretty! Giraffe tongues are so strange!


And then we headed up to the bird house.  I like birds exactly zero percent.  Especially little flying ones where you have a stick and they’re supposed to land on you.  Nothing about that seems like a good idea.  But yet the people I’m with find it hilarious and completely unreasonable that I find it extremely likely these birds want to peck my eyes out.


I didn’t stay in there for very long.  At all.


Tiny birds.  They were actually the only animals that really weren’t interested in eating that day.


I think they were really new and weren’t used to the whole humans/Popsicle stick thing yet.  They did eventually get a few to come over.


And then it started POURING.  Not just a little rain but a total downpour.  And we weren’t near any sort of shelter and couldn’t do anything but try to wait it out under some partial awnings.


We were basically in a humid rainforest.  While were in the slight coverage of the screens this bright green frog hopped up.


When we finally got back to the car we were all completely drenched.  A mile or two later this happened – and she rode the remaining 4 or so hours home like this (although not asleep the entire time.) Just another exciting vacation memory for the books…..


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