Hunter Olli

From May 23 – 27…..

We ran into Paper Source one night, which is one of my favorite places because it’s just cute and pretty little things and it also stresses me out because all of the cute and pretty things are so breakable.  But these glasses were everything.


There’s a Hawaiian restaurant not too far away that we had always meant to try but always forgot about.  And then we tried it and realized we needed to forget about it forever.  Man, it was AWFUL.


America! Hats! Maybe this was at Michael’s?


I’m not even sure.  I think this is Elsa meets Harry Potter in the 4th of July parade.


One evening after dinner we were cleaning up the kitchen and just heading outside to play and enjoy the evening when there was a big commotion – the girls noticed Olli had caught something and he was running around with something furry in his mouth.  We thought it might be another mole and we were trying to get him to drop it.  Lilli and I got him cornered and then Abbi grabbed whatever he had in his mouth – which was the cutest little bunny you’ve ever seen! She just scooped him right up and then we were all completely smitten.  And he was named Bun Bun.


I don’t know much about rabbits but he couldn’t have been very old at all.  He was completely wet from being in Olli’s mouth but he didn’t have any sort of bites or any marks on him – once again Olli had found a friend to play with and was basically just licking him, chasing him, and playing with him.


Have you ever?!?!?


We really did want to keep him – but we knew better.  He belonged out with his bunny family.  But man, he was cute.


They had him up in the truck bed for a while since that was one spot he couldn’t squeeze out of.


This was right around the time Bun Bun decided it might have been better off to be in Olli’s mouth.  This rabbit was rocked, cuddled, and carried all night long.


They also had a bucket that they would carry him all around the yard in.  Eventually at the end of the night when it was time to head in and get ready for bed we made them let him go.  And as you can expect there were a lot of tears.  We see a ton of rabbits in our yard so every time we saw a small one we’d say it was Bun Bun.


We had a busy summer of yardwork as Brent prepared to tear the really old fence down and replace it.


We’ve hated these pendant lights since we moved in.  They’re ugly and just in the way and gross.




A few days later we saw Olli really rooting around in an area of the yard and knew he was after something.  And he brought us a turtle.  Out of everything he caught last summer the turtle was the most boring.  It was too scared to ever come out of its shell so we let him go pretty quickly.


When we let him go we did put the Ring doorbell out there on him so we could watch him go – which was definitely the most interesting part of our turtle experience.


Sweet sisters reading together.


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