Just Ducky

From May 28 – June 1

Greatest Showman dancing all the time.  And Olli does not mind being in the middle and apparently trusts his safety way more than he should.


On Memorial Day we went to the Frist Art Museum to catch the Nick Cave exhibit before it left town.


The children’s area had also finished its renovation and was back open.   We even ran into some good friends and the girls got to run around and  play.


Fun times at the Frist!


Our course we had to make ribs for Memorial Day, and Grandma’s corn is always a big hit.


Abbi’s Pre-K class incubated some duck eggs and then waited for them to hatch.  We were hoping she’d get to see them hatch and three hatched right before her last official day.


The kids weren’t supposed to touch them……but when you’ve only got a couple of days left and the kids are out on the playground when you go home and run inside to get your backpack……


They were pretty irresistible.


And on her very last official day in Pre-K.  This week the ones leaving for kindergarten had transitioned up to “summer camp” and the younger kids were moving in.  It was a great time for her to leave – she did go back for one week of summer camp while Lilli was at Girl Scout camp, but it was a lot easier having them on the same camp schedule and just one place to pick up and drop off.


And then it was time to pack for vacation! Time to sleep and then wake up and head to the airport and off to Philadelphia!


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