Welcome to Philly!

From June 2…..

We had a lunch time flight to Philly so we dropped the dog off, headed to the park n ride and had lunch at the airport.  Lilli had packed all her essentials for enjoying the wildlife of the Mid Atlantic.


Abbi’s favorite airport activity – plane watching.  Worth the price of admission for her.


My seat buddy.  If only airplanes had 4 seat rows….


We had a really pretty day for our flight and I think it was right around two hours total to get there.


My seat buddy suffers from a case of the wiggles.  This might be why we haven’t been out West in a long, long time.


Two hours can feel like a very long time.  Meanwhile Brent and Lilli were behind us sharing headphones and watching a movie.


Welcome to Philly! After we landed, hit the bathroom, and once again were last to get our luggage we picked up our rental car.  Picking up our car was a strange debacle, and after getting stuck with a car that reeked and was filthy we ended up with a nice (but small car).  From there we headed to our hotel in downtown Philly.


I got us a fabulous hotel within walking distance of a lot of attractions.  I didn’t want us to have to take public transportation or cabs, and since we’d be staying several nights I wanted us to have a nice room that we wouldn’t mind hanging out in at night and with a good gym and indoor pool.  Once we got in our room and saw our view – we were beyond thrilled!


This room was definitely one of the nicest we’ve ever stayed in and we absolutely loved it.  The bathroom was one of the highlights for everyone – the bidet was a huge hit.


After we settled in headed out and walked a few blocks to a taco shop for dinner.


It was a somewhat rainy night and afterwards we walked through an art show in a park and then back up towards our hotel.


Around our hotel were quite a few landmarks and public parks that we stopped and enjoyed as we walked back towards our hotel.


A little Amor …..


Our hotel is the shorter building in the foreground of the picture, the Logan.


As the sun was starting to set we let the girls play in the fountains.  It was a perfect night to sit outside and enjoy a nice, non humid June evening.


Our travel loving city girl.


Having fun in Philly…..


It was a great first night to enjoy the city and just relax.


The view from our room at night was just as wonderful.


We had a two room suite – the girls had the living room with a pull out sofa while we had a bedroom.  The windows in both rooms opened slightly and had window seats – a huge  hit for all of us.  The weather was so mild that we loved having the windows open.


The window ledge was perfect for parking cars while she watched cars in the roundabout and the rain came down again.  We were glad to have made it to Philly safely and be tucked away in our hotel while the storms came through that night.


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