Philly Trip – Day 2, Part 1

From June 4…..

Finally! A Gorgeous day in Philly.  (That’s the Art Museum with the infamous Rocky stairs in the far left distance – and in the movie this is the road that Rocky runs up.) After hitting the gym that morning while everyone slept we got dressed and headed out to see the historic landmarks of Philly.


We had breakfast in a fun little grab n go deli in one of the skyscrapers and ate while we watched people getting off the Subway and heading in to work before heading over to the iconic Love Park.  Philly is known as the City of Brotherly Love and seeing the Love Statue was high on our priority list.  We waited in line for our turn to snap some photos with all the other tourists in the area.


We swapped off taking pictures with some of the others waiting.  It was such a gorgeous morning – a little chilly but not a bit hot.  So nice for June.


And one of just us – with no one making weird faces.


The view from the park was so pretty – Philly was lined up where it was a straight view all the way to the Art Museum.


Posing with the city – this one reminds me a lot of her posing in Chicago by the fountains.


And there were all kinds of fun games to play in the park – including Ping Pong with a much better view than the table at Brent’s office!


Of course they had to play a few games.  The biggest challenge outside was the wind! It definitely made it harder to play.


One of Lilli’s favorite things about Philadelphia were all the statues.  It seems like pretty much every historic event is memorialized by a statue.  We’d even checked out a book from the library as we were planning our trip listing out all the statues and their locations.  And finding statues, posting with them, and reading about them were some of Lilli’s favorite things to do.


Thomas Jefferson once lived here – I believe he worked on the Declaration of Independence while living in this old house.


It was about a mile and a half walk from our hotel down to the Independence Hall/Liberty Bell area.  We weren’t able to get tickets to tour Independence Hall and the related buildings.  They only offer up so many per day (for free) but we didn’t make the cut.  I had planned out what all we wanted to see in advance but had hesitated to book specific tickets because I knew we’d be walking and wanted to make sure we did the outdoor/walking things on our nicer weather days, so a few days out from our trip was too late to get tickets.  We tried for walk up tickets but they didn’t have any for that day, either.

So we got in the line to view the Liberty Bell and worked our way through the crowd to see America’s most famous bell.


It’s a long line to get in the Center.  Then it’s a long line to get up to the bell.  And then when you take your selfie you realize you just ended up with the Park Ranger hogging your picture of the bell.  Not cool.


It’s so crowded, and you know you’re probably not going to get a great picture…..but still.  Dude.


So we cycled back out and then got closer again and got a good picture WITHOUT a Park Ranger.  Brent’s face is a little cut off…but overall a good shot!


And someone offered to take a picture of us.  And we got pretty lucky and the crowd was lighter at that moment.


Just the bell (and a lot of other people….)


Lilli with Independence Hall in the background.


For whatever reason, when Brent and I visited in 2001 we didn’t go in to see the Bell and just took our picture outside the window.  I’m sure it was a long line, and maybe we just thought we didn’t have time to wait.  We were only spending one day in Philly on that trip so we didn’t get to explore a lot of things in depth.

The fun thing is that this year in Social Studies Lilli is learning a lot about the early beginnings of the USA and learning about many of the things we saw and people we learned about on our trip.  So she’s got a lot of visual perspective on where these things occurred and what they actually look like.  This summer we may go to Boston and that area so it’ll also be a good trip to reinforce everything she’s been learning.


After we saw the Bell we went back over to the gift shop and Visitor Center area.  Lilli saw a familiar face – Abigail Adams that she’d done a report on in third grade.


The Visitor Center is a pretty fun place with all kinds of things to pose with – so pose we did!


Look at those guns!


Everyone got in on the action…


Greetings from a fun morning in Philly!


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