Philly Trip – Day 3, Part 1

From June 5 –

A gorgeous Philly sunrise.  If we ever go back to Philly again we’ll definitely stay at the Logan.  The location was a perfect bouncing off spot for all our activities.


The two were worn out and sound asleep.  I’d wanted to head out for a run through Philly so I took advantage of the gorgeous morning and headed out while they slept.


I ran up the street to visit the Rocky Statue and enjoy some of the sites of downtown Philly.


Gotta get a selfie with Rocky!


The outside of the Art Museum and the famous Rocky steps.  The Rocky Statue is tucked away in the bottom right hand side.


All kinds of runners were stopping to pose with Rocky and then running up the steps, a few of them running up and down for exercise.  I ran to the top and the view of downtown was really lovely.


From there I headed down to the nearby greenway that runs next to the river for many miles.


It had lots of natural views as you ran away from the city and then great city views as you ran back in.  It’s so nice to have something like that in the city where you can feel removed and enjoy nature.


The sun really started getting warm and so I headed back to our hotel so we could get our day going and also get ready to check out of our hotel for the next legs of our trip.


Another nice view of our hotel, on the bottom right hand side.


After everyone woke up we ate some breakfast and headed out on foot to walk back to the Art Museum.  We walked past the Rodin Sculpture museum and followed the same path I’d taken running that morning.


By then there was a long line to pose with Rocky.  And a hustler wanting to take your picture for money.  And when you said No he basically heckled you the entire time.  Super frustrating.  The homeless situation is Philadelphia is pretty serious.  We never felt unsafe, but there were many areas we didn’t exactly feel comfortable in and Lilli had a lot of questions about the number of people we saw sleeping in pop up tents.

But we got a pretty good picture with Rocky.


And of course we had to compare our feet to Rocky’s feet.


Of course we had to take turns posing on top of the Rocky steps!


With all our Rocky bucketlists checked off we headed into the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which is the 3rd largest art museum in the US (after New York and Chicago).  With our Frist Art Museum membership we were able to get in for free.  The museum is huge and covers every type of art you might be interested in – tons of Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh, and every other type of historical world art you might want to enjoy.

We always love seeing famous works of art that you’ve only seen in textbooks or other media in real life.


And the painting I was most excited to see – Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, one of the most famous paintings in the museum.


Of course Abbi doesn’t really have an eye for art yet.  While we were in the museum she watched movies on the Ipad the entire time – which is fine because we were there to enjoy art and not keep her from touching things or throwing fits!


Everything about the building is gorgeous and ornate – the elevators were particularly amazing.


The museum went on and on with wings for Japanese culture, old English furniture and all kinds of special exhibits.  You could spend days there.


From there we headed back to our hotel to get our car for our final stop in Philadelphia before hitting the road.  We knew the morning was a little boring for Abbi but we knew the afternoon would be more exciting!

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