Philly Trip – Day 4, Part 1

From June 6 –

We woke up and stopped for donuts before heading to our first destination – a botanical gardens.  When we got there we realized it was going to be really pricey since they wouldn’t take our local Cheekwood membership as a reciprocal so we decided just to skip it.  We were quickly back in Pennsylvania and headed towards Amish Country and then Hershey.


Along the way we saw signs for a tour of Herr’s Potato Chip factory.  We LOVE a good factory tour so we decided to swing in and check it out since we had some extra time from skipping the gardens tour.  Herr products were really dominate all around the area – lots of chips, cheese balls and all kinds of snack foods.


And like everything else – it was packed with field trips! We went ahead and signed up for a tour group (which wouldn’t include the school groups.) We weren’t allowed to do photos on the tour but it was a really fun tour where we could see several types of chips being made in the factory.  At one point they brought us hot chips straight off the line and it was AMAZING.


Of course afterwards we had to buy some good snacks in the gift shop.


From there we headed towards Amish country and the girls went nuts seeing all the Amish people on scooters and in buggies traveling around.


They loved their outfits and seeing their houses and farms as we headed into Lancaster.


We found an Amish restaurant to have lunch.  The food was really good and the dessert was amazing.


From there we promised the girls a ride in a real Amish buggy so we headed towards more of the touristy area.  It was really neat seeing the farmers work with their mules getting their fields ready to plant.


It was definitely a different way of life to observe and one that we all enjoyed watching as we traveled through the area.


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