Philly Trip – Day 5, Part 1

From June 7 –

We had one goal on this day – to be one of the first people to arrive at Hershey Park.  Our goal was to get there early and stay until they closed.

I don’t think we were the only people with that goal.  It was a mess to get in right at opening time, there wasn’t any clear line strategy and there were a lot of field trips and other large groups.


They had all these cute spots to measure the kids and see which candy they were – that way you knew which rides they were tall enough to ride.  Lilli was excited to be a Hershey Bar.


Abbi was a Reeses.  And I was a Jolly Rancher.  Brent is adult height so he didn’t have a category. Ha!


At first Abbi was pretty overwhelmed and scared to ride things.  I was hoping it wasn’t going to be a repeat of Dollywood, but once we found a few things she wanted to ride she warmed up.


Then she got more and more adventurous.


Of course she wanted to ride the semi trucks.  And Lilli is always a good sport and still small enough to want to ride a lot of these same things, too.


Most of the time we didn’t wait more than a few minutes to ride anything, but the old timey and race cars were a bit of a wait.  Abbi was determined to drive the cars so we did wait in line for that, and it was absolutely one of her favorites.


Lilli and I rode the Kisses Tower Drop together – they take you up to the top then drop you over and over again.  It was definitely frightening but we loved it! I could never talk her into working her way up to Reeses height though!


And the characters – absolutely one of their favorite parts of the park! They’d see a character and just run over to meet them and take a picture.


The joy in that face! She was having the time of her life.


This little Frog Hopper was also a huge favorite of Abbi’s.  I’m not sure how many times she rode it.


They did eventually ride some things without us.  I think after the big Hershey drop Lilli didn’t find this one nearly as interesting.


They found Hershey! We were really not sure how many characters they had, so it was always really exciting when we saw one walking around.


Abbi’s face says it all….


And of course a Kiss.  To be continued…..


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