Philly Trip – Day 5, Part 2

From June 7…

There was all kinds of fun things going on across the park at all times.  We’d see bands walking by, pop up character shows, little game shows – just all kinds of fun! When we were in-between rides and walking around we saw a band walking through so we decided to follow them because they had all kinds of characters we hadn’t met yet.


It ended up being a pop up dance party so we had fun enjoying the show and the girls got to dance with a character as part of the show.


We were down by the water park at this point, but we didn’t bring any swimsuits since we knew our day would be so full of the regular rides.  You really could spend several days at this park and still never get bored.  If we ever went back we’d plan to spend 2-3 days so we could enjoy the fun water rides and we never even made it over to the Zoo America side or to watch any of the shows in the actual theaters.

Brent was grabbing some ice cream for us when a game show stopped and popped up in front of us.


They were picking kids out of the audience to be in the game show and Lilli got picked! She had to play a fun little game and then won a giant bag of Twizzlers.


We spent the rest of the afternoon riding ride after ride after ride.  We’d all 4 ride stuff, sometimes we’d pair up and Brent and Lilli would do a coaster or she and I would do something that spins around.  The great thing about this park was that there was always something a pair of us would want to without having to go too far from the other pair.  And lots of times the girls would want to ride some things together.


When time was starting to run out we let them pick a few of their favorites to repeat.  Of course Abbi wanted to ride the cars and we let Lilli drive us all.


A big favorite for us all….


A ride where we worked as teams to shoot at various candy targets was a huge family favorite.


There was one roller coaster we knew Abbi was tall enough to ride, but we couldn’t see the track because it was an indoor roller coaster with glow in the dark effects.  She’d ridden some coasters that day so we thought she’d enjoy it.  Famous last words.  We did enjoy the funhouse mirrors in the wait line – but the fact that the line was somewhat long should have clued us in to it being a little too intense for her.


This was about the last smile of the ride.  It was definitely intense – spinning us around and backwards and lots of swift turns.  It was a lot.  She was scared to death but luckily it ended soon.  Even Lilli was pretty scared by this one, but later they both said it was fun.


We worked our way out towards the front riding anything still open until all the rides were closed for the night.  We were able to find Kit Kat on the way out…


Of course on our way out we had to stop in the gift shop and for a few last pictures.


Such a fun day.  We will definitely visit HersheyPark again, it was so much fun and a major vacation highlight.


When I say we shut the place down I mean it – one of the first ones there and last to leave.  We made the most of our day!


Poor Abbi was so tired.  When we got back to the hotel she just laid down on our bed with her special blankie and went right to sleep with her new Reese stuffed animal.  She was a trooper and hung in there with us hard all day.  Vacation is exhausting!


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