Camp and Cousins

From June 29 – July 3….

The last day of theater camp the girls had a showcase.  Lilli had been working all week on a song/dance for her musical camp (she did a Broadway style camp).  Abbi’s class had an “open classroom” where we came in and saw some of the games and things they’d been doing all week, just for the parents of that class.  It was cute and she looked like she had a good time, despite all the tears and anxiety at drop off.


Lilli’s class did a song from the Wizard of Oz and the Wiz.  They learned dance moves and the song.  She really enjoyed it, but also wished she’d gotten to do some acting, too.  Her class and all the others got to perform on the actual stage of the Children’s Theater.


More singing and dancing… It was a cute song and a lot of fun to see her try something like this.


We stayed for as many of the classroom showcases as we could but it was a long performance.  We got a few pictures outside with the infamous dragon.


They did it! Theater Camp grads.


From there we packed up and headed West.  First stop – catfish and cousins.


The next day was the last day of the month so Lilli wanted to dress Amish.  She always has fun playing with her cousins.


Brent may have gotten a little too close to the heat on the grill.


Girl cousins!


Poor Cody gets a lot of attention…..


We left the girls and came back for a week of Grandma Camp.  Abbi had left plenty of reminders of herself behind – including using all the pens as parking spots on the desk.


We went out for a hike at a new (to us) park on the west side of town – Bowie Park.  We did about a 3 mile loop past several small lakes and through woods.


It was a nice, sunny day and we had fun exploring a new park.


It was really pretty and crossed off another hike from our 60 hikes in Nashville book.


And we were even treated to a pretty rainbow on our way home.


It was a really stormy week! Lots of summer pop up storms in our area – and I even got trapped in one while out at lunch and had to take cover for it to blow over.


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