Grandma Camp

From July 4 – 8….

This dog is so crazy – he can sleep in just about any spot at any time.  And now that we’ve replaced the carpet in the dining room with hardwood it’s so odd to see it with that nasty old carpet!


For the actual July 4th holiday we drove about an hour away to Henry Horton State Park to do some hiking.  We did about a 5 mile route and packed some lunch to eat along the way.  It was a really, really hot day but we did have pretty good shade for most of the hike.  Some of the hike ran next to a river where some boats and canoes would pass, but for the most part we really didn’t see many people on the longer path.


And it was WARM out! I’d take some of that heat on this cold January day though!


Some parts of the path were very primitive – not my favorite! It seemed like a path ripe for a snake or two.


We did see a deer and a few turtles, otherwise all the creepy crawly stuff stayed away from us.  Overall it wasn’t a particularly exciting path or a park we’d go back to.  But it did cross off another hike in our 60 Nashville area hikes book.


We definitely earned some fresh, homemade blackberry gluten free cobbler we made! And even better that the blackberries were fresh from my parents garden.


Most of the time when the kids are gone we enjoy cooking at home but you can’t deny a nice date night out for some fish tacos.


Gotta burn off all those chips and salsa walking around Harlinsdale Park.


When Brent started the fence project he had put up the orange fencing so Olli could still go in and out without us having to keep him on a leash or in his cage all day.  One day Brent saw we had a Ring notification and when he looked to see what it was – he was pretty surprised to see Olli.  Then we realized it wasn’t the first time he’d let himself out.  Apparently he’d found some ways to get out of the temporary fence, explore, and then let himself back in.  During the fence project he got out several times, and made it back in all but once before we got home from work.  One day he was sitting right beside the fence because he couldn’t find his way back in.  Apparently he just needed to explore but was more than happy to return.


At least he had the large algae filled pool to drink from.  Gross.  The little pool didn’t last long at all.


Casey had to go back to Ohio so the girls went and spent a night with Granny – so they had a combination of Grandma/Granny camp.  They were excited to spend time with all the cousins that week.


We met up for lunch on their return home.


That Abbi – always a character!


The old rickety fence coming down – just in time!


The girls were super excited about our new popcorn machine – we love how easy it is and without all the chemicals and gross stuff in regular popcorn.  It’s nice to be able to contain the amount of things going into the popcorn and add our own salt/butter to our taste.  And it’s fun to watch!


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