Zoo Camp +New Windows

From July 8 – 12…..

There are few things this girl loves more than an open window and a good breeze.


I took the girls to the pool on Sunday afternoon and they were having one of their big summer pool parties.  Fresh watermelon, healthy snacks and a DJ lead to a fun afternoon at the pool.


While us ladies were at the pool Brent was at Home Depot getting more supplies for the new fence.  And while he was there he saw Trace Adkins (a famous country singer) doing the same.  When in Nashville – you never know who you’re going to see!


That week was Zoo Camp for the girls.  It’s always an absolute favorite for them both.  I was hopeful this might be the first week Abbi didn’t freak out about camps – and luckily I was right! Whew! At the morning drop off they both get to play games in the open room together, so that helped.  And the class size is really small and the overall camp is small – so that was a huge help, too.  And it’s the zoo – what’s not to love? They get to do all kinds of fun things and really get hands on with animals, so it ended up being a huge hit.  For a week of her happily going in each morning I got over how bad the traffic is to get to the zoo every afternoon.


That week was also our big window install! One day all the windows, new sliding door and materials were delivered.  And they were delivered EVERYWHERE.  We had around 31 windows for this house – so it was not a small job to say the least.


A few before shots – our sunroom – the old windows were awful.  The door wouldn’t slide well and the windows had missing and torn screens, and were just awful to look at.  This is a room Brent and I use every night – it’s our 100% adult space with no toys and we were really looking forward to the windows looking as nice as we’d made the rest of the room.


A before picture of our bedroom – clunky old windows that just looked terrible.


And a before of the outside (with windows delivered all over the front).


Brent took off work the first day of install and worked on the fence all day long.  He got a ton completed on getting posts set and dug.  The window workers were so impressed with him they even told me about it on the second day of install (when I worked from home.) It was July – and HOT.


And after in our room – a huge difference from the same picture just a few pictures back!


All smiles and all sweaty after zoo camp one afternoon!


This NEVER happens when I pick them up from school or camps.  EVER.


An after of the house – so much sleeker and nicer.  Our windows were nearly 30 years old, and were in terrible shape.  So much rot and a few of them had window panes that were literally about to fall out.


On the second afternoon of install right as the guys were finishing up a massive rainstorm popped up out of nowhere – it looked like the rainbow was right in our front yard!


The sunroom afterwards (well, while they were installing.) SUCH a massive change, and by far my favorite of the new windows.  The new sliders really let us enjoy the yard and how nice and private it is behind us.  Such a huge difference without all the tons of grids.  For the entire house, we kept grids on the front of the house and no grids on the back to help enjoy the light while keeping the style of the house.


The sunroom from outside afterwards.  So streamlined and pretty! Now we just need to paint the siding and wood, and redo the deck.  And a million other projects.


On Thursday at Zoo Camp they always do class pictures.  It’s so cute to see the classes and the teacher and Zoo Teen helpers.  Lilli’s class:


I think these are the two classes in Lilli’s age group combined.


And Abbi’s little class.  7 kids – 2 teachers.  Great odds! She loved it and is excited to go back next year.


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