Zoos and Farms

From July 13 – 14….

On our last morning drop off for Zoo Camp I wanted to take a few last pictures of the kiddos.  Lilli really wasn’t having it – she was wanting to get inside and play some of the games they have out for kids in before care.  They have all sort of animal themed games that you just don’t see anywhere else for before and after care.


Still not thrilled about picture taking time…


We got lucky and once ago Member Appreciation night was the same day they were at camp.  We all met up at the zoo after work. Of course Brent beat me by a long shot and had already picked up the girls.  Traffic from downtown to the zoo (and really anywhere) is awful.


For Member appreciation night the zoo stays open a couple of hours later and has extra animal talks, jumpy stations and all kinds of fun stuff for members.  Right as we got there we ran into Brent’s old roommate and his family.  We’ve run into them there before, but even though the kids don’t remember each other they took up instantly and played together.


We ended up eating dinner together and walking through part of the zoo together before splitting off.  We did get to pet one of the elusive kangaroos!


Then I got a text that Amelia, one of Lilli’s old preschool buddies, and her family were there.  They were their very first sleepover buddies, but used to live on an opposite side of town so it wasn’t easy to keep up their friendship.  Last summer they moved pretty close to us – we’ve seen them a little more frequently but with our busy schedules it hasn’t picked up as much as the girls would have liked.


Amelia has a little brother that the kids loved mother hen-ing.


Many, many laps on the hanging bridge.


One last pose before we left.  Abbi really doesn’t remember Amelia from preschool days, but she probably remembers her more from meeting up with her family every year for Greek festival, one of our family traditions each fall.


After the zoo closed we didn’t want our party to end so we took the girls to Krispy Kreme nearby for a late night donut treat to celebrate their fun week at Zoo Camp.  And the first summer camp Abbi actually enjoyed!


And when we got home we saw this guy lurking around! Luckily we just saw him and never smelled him.


The next day we went to the annual Farm Days at Ellington Agriculture Center near our house.  We’d been able to make it every summer for several years.  And like always – this year was HOT.  We kicked off our visit with some snowcones.


We ran into one of Abbi’s best preschool buddies, Piper, and her family.  Abbi was so glad to see her.  So we went to a police horse show with her family.  It was literally one of the dustiest things I have ever been to.  And so hot.  No ventilation.  Once we got near heat stroke we slipped out.


It was much cooler to just pet some of the police horses in their stalls.


They had all kinds of booths and demonstrations (weaving, blacksmith, leatherworker, honey/bees, and more).  They had a really great face painter and Abbi really wanted to get her face painted.  She has NEVER wanted to do that before so we stood in the really hot, really long line and let her get her face painted.


Of course she and Piper (and Piper’s sister) all got the same unicorns.


Lilli got a peace sign – very Lilli! She also didn’t want her picture with the little girls.


Piper’s family left so her sister could take a nap, and we continued on looking in the old house exhibits and the other crafts they had.  It was another fun (and hot!!!) day at the Farm Festival.


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