Getting Artsy

From July 15-20….

One night we decided to relax and have a family movie night.  We don’t watch much TV, and especially in the summer, but we thought it would be fun. Until I chose Turner and Hooch, and old 90s movie that I remembered as just being a funny movie about a cop and his huge dog who drooled a lot – and it did end up being that – but in the end the dog also got shot and died.  This led to a lot of crying – and even though we tried to convince Abbi the dog is just an actor and was fine – she didn’t believe us.  We even showed her videos online of the dog alive – but nothing worked.  Except Benadryl a few hours later.


A game of Headbandz is a much better idea…..


That week the girls went to an art camp at Vanderbilt.  It was our first time to do that camp and they both loved it.  During drop off they were able to go in together and play, then split off to their age groups.  It was so easy – I’d drop them off in the morning and they were brought back out to my car in the afternoon.  They also got to eat lunch together and have some outdoor playtime together.


He’s pretty comfortable around us.


They were covering up the last of the Lifeway building for implosion that week.  This was one where I’d worked for five of my ten years there.


One night we packed a picnic and headed to the park to eat and play.


Little sis is getting really good on the monkey bars!


We got a new game where you can bounce the balls into the tubs – which is much more difficult when a sister is in a tub.


We only got one peach off our tree this year, but we definitely enjoyed the one we got.


Their last day of art camp.  Lilli wanted to wear her Vandy shirt and decided that week she loved campus there and wants to go to Vandy.  We’ll see!


That afternoon they brought home a ton of work they’d made.  Their theme that week was Africa – so they’d made all sorts of African themed crafts.  Lilli did larger projects that took more time, while Abbi made a ton of smaller crafts.


From drawing to pottery and crafts – they did a little bit of everything.  They’re excited to go back this summer with several of their friends.


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