Summer Life

From July 21 – 27….

I took the girls out to register them for dance class and we had a fun little morning out.  I had finally found a studio where they could both take dance class at the same time.  I signed Lilli up for a Jazz/Contemporary class and a Ballet/Tap class for Abbi.  We ran by and got new dance shoes for both of them and some Starbucks treats at Barnes and Noble.


Poor Brent was stuck at home working on the fence, making progress with the posts.


That night we took both girls to Carmax for a little fun.  It’s pretty much their favorite thing to do for fun.


I think Lilli was fond of this one.


The following week the girls went to Granny Camp for the week.  For the most part we just go to work, cook dinner at home, and then we’ll head out and take a walk on the greenway.


Meanwhile, Carolyn was getting quite a makeover.


My old building was a big pile of rubble.


The girls had a good time playing around with all the big “toys”.


And of course lots of Sonic was had!


We headed out to try Hattie B’s one night.  They’re one of the most popular hot chicken places in town and it was our first time to go there.


It was really good and we even ran into one of Lilli’s old preschool teachers from when she was just a little two year old.


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