Camp Widji

From July 28 – Aug 2

On Saturday morning after we ate breakfast we headed to pick up the girls from Granny Camp, but stopped at Devil’s Backbone to do another hike from our local TN hiking book.  It was a really primitive area – no restrooms and the trail itself was obviously not traveled very much.


It was covered in spider webs and Brent had to keep clearing it as we walked so we wouldn’t be covered in spiders.


Overall it was really just a narrow wooded trail, there wasn’t really all that much of anything to look at.  And when we got back to the parking lot we discovered we were COVERED in small seed ticks.  As soon as we got to the Spears’ house we took showers to get them off – it was that bad!


It was tax free weekend so on our way back we stopped at the mall for two brand new back to school outfits.  Both girls got a few cute things at Justice and some new tennis shoes.


We saw a new Dragon’s kiosk in the mall – it’s these puff balls that have nitrogen on them so it looks like a dragon breathing when you eat it.  They’re crazy expensive and we didn’t want to pay for it – but Lilli wanted it bad enough she pitched in some money to try it.


You have to blow on it first so it doesn’t freeze your throat (really) and then as you first chew on it smoke comes out your nostrils and mouth.  It really doesn’t taste all that good but it was fun an entertaining.  If you ate it too fast your mouth was definitely cold.


It was a lot of fun and I’m glad we tried it once.  Since then it’s been deemed unsafe so I don’t think you can get it anywhere.  Ha!


Abbi had her kindergarten social at the park.  Mostly she just played with her preschool and church friends, so I’m not sure how much socializing happened.  At that point we didn’t even know who her teacher was going to be much less who would be in her class.


She and Piper played in the creek.  Lilli didn’t really see any older siblings there that she knew.


And then it was time for their final camp of the summer – the one and only Widji! I was a little nervous if Abbi would like it or not – they board a bus near our house and ride about 45 minutes out to Percy Priest Lake to camp.  It’s a very large camp with kids coming from all over town on a lot of buses – so I was nervous it would overwhelm her after some of our unsuccessful experiences earlier in the summer.  She and Lilli were both signed up to be on the Ranch side – Lilli wanted to do Farm Camp and Abbi was signed up for Pony Camp.


And she LOVED it! This is how she looked after Day 1 when the bus came back.  A big, hot, campy mess.  She made a sweet friend from California and had a great time riding tiny ponies.  Every afternoon they’d also do other camp activities like swimming, fishing, arts/crafts, boating and all kinds of other fun stuff.  You know you had a great day when there’s dirt all over your face and your hair is a mess!


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