Welcome to 4th Grade

From Aug 5 – 10…..

The girls went for their traditional last few days of summer at Granny Camp.  Like usual it kicked off with a trip to Walmart to get all the junk food and sweets we won’t buy them at home.


They had a great time at Granny Camp playing baby dolls and relaxing before the school year kicked off.


And just like that summer break was over – for Lilli anyway – and it was time to get back to school.  Her year started with a half day on Friday.  She picked out a more casual look for her first day – one of the cold shoulder tops and some cute shorts from Justice.  She had me straighten her hair and of course we had to get several first day of school pictures.


Such a big change from her first day of kindergarten! Just two more years and it’s off to middle school.


Meeting her teacher for the year – Mrs Duncan.  She has Mrs Duncan for Math and Science, and swaps to Mrs Hintz for English and Social Studies.


There are 28 kids in her class this year which just seems nuts.  Instead of 5 sections they only have 4 sections for 4th grading taking her class size from usually around 22 or so up to 28.


But the most exciting thing was being reunited with her BFF Reese – they’re back in the same class again this year and so thrilled.  At the beginning of the year their desks were pretty close to each other.  She has a good group of girls in her class this year and has made a lot of new friends, too.  And the little boy who lives on our street is also in her class again, they haven’t been together since kindergarten.


Since kindergarten didn’t start for several more days and Abbi didn’t have anywhere to be she came with me to take Lilli on her first day and help her get settled in and unpacked.  Abbi found it all very exciting – I think Lilli was ready for us to go.


When we picked up Lilli from her half day we surprised them both with a trip to Above All to celebrate the new school year.  They have tons of ninja courses, trampolines and all kinds of aerial fun.  The girls love it.


It wasn’t too horribly crowded so the girls were able to jump and flip and bounce pretty wide open in the larger spaces.


This was the first time we’ve taken Abbi and she took right to it – we all love the trapeze – the girls make it looks so easy but it’s definitely a workout playing at Above All!


The ninja area is always a big favorite for us all.


Lots of good sweaty fun!


That evening we had signed up to help break the World Record for simultaneous Smores Making.  The Girl Scouts in our area were having a big event to try and break a world record.  It was a heavily monitored event – tons of rules about when you could enter the area and exactly how it all had to be done.  The Guinness Book team was there and watching over everything to make sure it followed rules, so it ended up being a long event for a very short attempt.  We still don’t know if we broke the record.  The attempt was for everyone to be making it at the same time, so we spent about 2 hours getting ready for a less than one minute event to actually make only 1 smore each.


By the time all the fires were lit they were all starting to go out all over the place.  The whole thing was kind of a mess.


But we all finally got to make one Smore – and then eat it.


Well, everyone except one person.  There was a minimum age requirement – that Abbi didn’t meet.  So she couldn’t make one or participate – which we didn’t know about before hand.  So, the agony of defeat was real.  And she wouldn’t even entertain eating one of ours.  But now that she’s a big Daisy herself if we ever do this again it should be a very different story!


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