Welcome to Kindergarten!

From August 5 – 9…..

Every year our church has a special part of the service at the beginning of the school year dedicated to prayers of safety for students and they hand out Bibles for each new kindergartner.  And this year we had a kindergartner!


She was mighty proud of her new Adventure Bible!


I ran some errands and took the girls with me – they were handing out M&M fanny packs outside Kroger and they were all in.


The following week was “Kindergarten Phase In” – a terrible week in our county where the big kids are back in school full time and the kindergarten kids go off and on – a total of two half days and a one hour entrance test.  They can’t ride the bus and there’s no extended care for them – a working families worst nightmare since all the summer camps have ended all over town.

On Monday we went for Abbi’s entrance test.  She got to meet her teacher – Ms Oland – see where she sits, see the classroom and the teacher gets to ask a few questions to see what types of things she already knows.  We got to walk around the classroom and see all the kids names in her class.  She didn’t end up with any of her best friends from preschool or church, but she did end up having a LOT of church kids in her class.  Her class started with just 16 kids (they’re up to 18 now) and 6 of them (including Abbi) go to church with her.  Three of those kids are in her same small group so she knows them pretty well and was glad to at least have several familiar faces.


Proud to be a Lipscomb Bear!


They’ve even started giving out these fun yard signs to all the new kindergarten kids and she was so proud of this sign. Such a cute way to celebrate the fun start of a school career.


The girls started their new dance classes.  Abbi’s class was half Tap and half Ballet.  As much as she likes to dance she didn’t know anyone in class and she missed her old teacher from PreK – so she didn’t enjoy it.


On the other hand, Lilli was all in to her new class – a mix of Jazz, Hip Hop and Contemporary.


I did find a Drop In Mother’s Day Out program Abbi went to two days during her phase in week.  Their gymnastics studio runs a Mothers Day Out during the day and you can drop in twice per week for most of the work day.  A few of her old preschool friends also went and she had a blast.  After I picked her up one day we stopped in at Starbucks for a special treat.


And finally it was time for her first half day of Bear Camp! On this day just the girls in her class went and spent the morning in kindergarten.  She was SO excited to finally have her own sign and asked if we could keep her sign forever.


And she was very proud of her fancy new outfit from Justice.


Posing with her kindergarten backpack before we left.  The kindergarten kids have to take these awful tote bags all year – I can’t wait for her to have something that zips!


They all got to bring their favorite stuffed animal for the first day to help them feel more comfortable.


That day Mrs Becca picked up Abbi – she was one of her old PreK teachers who does something else now and had that day free.  She picked her up from school and took her out to the movies and they had the best time.


After the movie they went to the mall and played around in Ulta.  She even bought her this bright lipstick.  Abbi had a great time with her and loves Mrs Becca so much!


We’d had a cat on our porch lately that we were trying to feed – and all of a sudden we started having this tiny little possum.  He was so adorable! We named him Charlie Puth and fed him for a few weeks before deciding it probably wasn’t great to have a possum hanging around.


He really didn’t mind us watching him.


And he didn’t mind us reading to him either.


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