Game Night

From Aug 21 – 25….

One of those days where you walk as fast as you can into work to avoid the storm that’s brewing.


Lilli’s Social Studies class was studying about the ancient Indians of TN and she was convinced she might be able to find some artifacts if she dug around in the back yard.


Abbi survived her first full week of kindergarten.  Having a big performance the Friday night of her first week of school probably wasn’t the best way to relax after such a tiring week, but she was excited to see her friend Stella.  We had to drop them off for a rehearsal and then go over to the stadium to see the performance.


The girls walked out with their groups and they were excited to see us up in the stands.


The girls did a great job with their dance – Lilli’s on the far left.


And then Abbi did a great job performing with her group – second from left (of the little kids)


They had such a great time and it was a really packed stand, too!


Both girls during the finale of the performance.


Afterwards – our little cheerleader.


Abbi, Lilli, Emerson, and Emerson’s sister Miriam.  After the performance all the kids just ran around during the game.  I think they were mostly just enjoying playing with a big group of their school friends at night – but it seemed a lot like a preview of them being there at high school games and flirting with boys.  Lilli left and spent the night with Emerson and we took Abbi out for pizza.


We went to the Nashville zoo the next day – and got lucky enough to pet a kangaroo.


And a turtle.


Our favorite spot in the zoo – the women’s bathroom that has a monkey exhibit in it.


Fall is near when the costumes start coming out at Kroger!


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