Exploring Tennessee

From Aug 30 – Sep 6 –

We did a little shoe shopping and Abbi was happy to be a model.  I love these cute little Chucks but she went with some boots instead.


Sporty Spice.  PE is her favorite class.  Surprised? Nope.


Brent started painting the office.  From drab to fab.  Now we just need to get back on it and replace the floor and furniture.


A little backyard Smores-ing.


Somehow he finds this comfortable.


Lilli had been learning all about the Native Americans of TN so over Labor Day weekend we drove down to Manchester to explore Old Stone Fort Park.  She’d learned about this park and its significance to our state and really wanted to visit.  And it had several hikes in it from our 60 Hikes book – so bonus!


There wasn’t much to see inside the museum at all, so we pretty quickly headed out for about a 3 mile hike.


The waterfall area near the front was really pretty.  We hadn’t brought swimsuits but lots of people were playing in the water and it looked like a lot of fun.


Family selfie!


The hike itself was really pretty – lots of ups and down, various creekside areas and of course some of the Indian structures left from years ago.


I can’t remember exactly what this structure once was – I believe a factory of some sort (nothing to do with Native Americans).


One of the creekside trail areas.  Only Lilli would hike in a Matilda Jane skirt.


Some parts of the trail were way more primitive than I prefer!


And a while in Abbi’s legs got “so busy”.  Once she’s bored, hot, and ready to be done – it’s time to be done.  It was a really nice park and a pretty hike.  Lilli was excited to go back to school and share the arrowheads she bought and tell her Social Studies teacher that she had visited the park they’d just been tested on.  Visiting Pinson Mounds is also on her list to visit since they also learned about it this year, too.



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