Short n Sweet

From March 21-22….

Short and sweet because I have to download more pictures from my phone – I’m all caught up to our last download! It’s nice to at least getting somewhat closer and less behind…..

After the fun run at school her class had won several awards for various fundraising targets.  One day they got to wear hats to school so she was really excited about that!


Little Bunny.  Someone asked her if she liked Star Wars when she was wearing this shirt and she gave them a look and said “No.”.  Ha! Poor thing hasn’t seen it, she just wears what we buy!


We’ve been teaching her to play Uno.  Lilli’s old card holder is a game changer, literally.  It’s such a smart invention.  She still basically shows us all her cards, but it helps her see them all, too.


A Sam’s run before heading out on Spring Break vacation! Abbi wanted to be in the basket with all our snacks and things, there wasn’t too much room left her by the time we were done.


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Field Tripping

From March 18 – 20…..

When sun meets a little pop up storm – you sing and dance in the rain.


The longer spring hours are the best for getting in some outdoor play after dinner.  It seemed like winter lasted forever! It’s so nice to enjoy the outdoors at night – shoot some hoops, jump on the trampoline, ride bikes – just anything!


Lilli’s always loved skating, and spending 6 weeks skating in PE class made her want to skate even more! We headed to the library path one night and got Abbi suited up in the first pair of skates Lilli had, along with the pads.  These skates are just ok at learning, they’re so slow you don’t really learn to glide.  But it helped her get the hang of it.


She got pretty confident and only lost her balance a couple of times.  Lilli’s feet were starting to get too tight in her rollerblades, so we just got her some new ones and we may see if Abbi can wear the rollerblades yet (they’re adjustable).


Sk8er girls.


The third grade took a field trip to the State Capitol.  Since I work next door I headed down to join them.  First they watched part of an assembly (that was really, really boring for us all).


They did a tour of the grounds, but from the covered porch because it was another day of nonstop pouring rain.  They talked about the various statues and people buried there.  (Lilli and Emerson)


We got to see several of the rooms and hear about the construction of the building – it’s very ornate and decorative, although on the inside it was smaller than I expected.


Lilli outside the Governor’s office.  She really had thought we’d get to meet him.  She’d written him a letter that morning that she wanted to give him and I was going to post it and just realized she wrote our full address and phone on it! She told him he was a great Governor and how much she has enjoyed hearing his wife read to her class (in third grade and twice in Pre-K).  It was very sweet and I told her we could mail it to him.


After the tour we walked across the street to the State Museum and they did a scavenger hunt.


The really old Egyptian mummy was (of course) a third grade gross out fave.


Lilli and some of the girls from her class – Olivia, Ella, Jessa, Katelyn and Emerson.  They had a great time, but due to the rain their outdoor picnic afterward got canceled.


And that night – all the rain turned to snow while we were at gymnastics.  Just unreal.  It only stuck for  a few minutes and then thankfully melted.


The first draft of a paper she wrote on Giant Pandas – some of the comments were just hilarious.  I am often told I overuse punctuation (like !!!!) and it’s hilarious to see that come through in Lilli.  She got a 100 on the final version she turned in – but she didn’t drop all those !!!s, either.  Gotta let that personality shine through!


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Date Night

From March 17 –

They went to sleep with visions of leprechaun catching in their head, but woke up around 2 am to the sound of thunder, hail and strong winds.  We checked the weather and there were no tornadoes around so we all ran downstairs to check out the hail falling.  Abbi was pretty worried and anxious, but we told her all was fine.


And since it was 2 am, they finally remembered to check their leprechaun trap.  Larry had gotten away once again, but left them two green cupcakes behind.  Abbi remembered it the next morning, but Lilli had forgotten what he left behind!


I had a hair appointment the next morning, so Brent took the girls to the park to try and fly kites.


I think they had more fun on the swinging spring thing.


When I got home we ran to the Zoo pretty quickly so we could pick up our membership cards.  Ours had just expired and we needed new ones since we’d be traveling soon on Spring Break and wanted to use our reciprocal benefits.  The new bear exhibit had JUST opened and was so packed.  The bears were hiding at the very top and overall it was a bit disappointing.  Hopefully next time we go back it will be less crowded and the bears will be less shy.


That night was the annual Daddy Daughter dance hosted by Lilli’s school.  I helped her get all fancied up with curly hair, a little makeup and even some lipstick.


Brent told her they could eat anywhere she wanted and all she wanted was Wendy’s.  It’s hard to beat Wendy’s for her and when you want 8 chicken nuggets you just want 8 chicken nuggets.


The theme this year was Wizard of Oz, and the large hall they rent at a nearby church was full of colorful balloons and fun centerpieces.  The girls all got ruby slipper necklaces, too.


Lilli with some of her friends.  Mostly the girls run around and dance with each other, and then occasionally dance with their dads some, too.


Brent and his date.  Next year he’ll have two dates! And poor old me will be so lonely for the evening……….


My date for the evening picked Noodles and wanted to eat outside.  She had the mac n cheese and we split a salad.  I don’t think she was too worried about not getting to go to the dance this year!


Afterwards we went to Walmart to grab a few things and of course she got to play in toys for a long time.  These animal heads were a hoot!


Then she wanted to end our date at Starbucks.  She’d been chattering and chattering and all of a sudden I noticed how quiet it was.  When I pulled into Starbucks I turned around and she was fast asleep.  I guess I didn’t realize what a boring date I was! I let her nap until she woke up and then we went in and got a couple of drinks before heading home to watch some Fuller House.  Brent and Lilli also went to Starbucks after the dance, too.  I think the main Brentwood Starbucks was a pretty happening date spot that particular Saturday night.


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From March 14 – 16….

They picked out these little pink guns and holsters at a consignment sale.  The movie Zootopia has inspired one of their favorite games to play – “cops and bad guys”, so these guns were the perfect little accessories.  Two tough gals.


One pretty evening at the park after dinner.


On these first spring evenings you have to take advantage of every drop of sunshine!


They’ve been working on revitalizing and restoring the Capitol rotunda for probably a year now.  The scaffolding was finally starting to come down and each piece of detail “topping” was coming up one at a time.  They had a drone flying up before the crane and helping guide each piece where it needed to go.  Modern technology!


A zoomed out view and you can see the drone as a dark “blip” to the right hand side.


On Friday night we needed to run a few errands at the mall.  The girls weren’t all that amused by the Easter Bunny – there’s just something creepy about Easter Bunny costumes.


That night they set up a few traps for the leprechaun in the hopes that this year would be the one where we finally caught Larry.  He’s a tough and sneaky little guy……


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Snow Go

From March 10 – 13…

The girls had a great time at Grandma camp.  The #1 thing they said they wanted to do was fish and from the sound of it they pulled in a lot of little fish that day.  They also did some shopping and playing and had a really good time out in the country.


We didn’t do anything too exciting with our time alone – we had a lot of little things we needed to take care of.  I’d gotten a notice from Suntrust that they were freezing our savings account because it hadn’t had any activity in a few years (maybe about 4 years) and were going to turn it over to unclaimed property! They had never called me at all, but sent a letter that they were about to turn it over.  We didn’t get there in time and it was in “pending” status but luckily the guy was able to unfreeze it and cash it out, so we took it over to Regions where we have our checking account and opened a new account.  Since that’s our emergency fund we don’t do much with it, since thankfully we’ve been emergency free.  But it’s ridiculous for them to start a freeze without communicating.  At Regions we’ll be able to transfer more often and more easily online since I do all our bills online these days.  After spending all morning with that mess we enjoyed some fish tacos outside and then went home and did some much needed chores around the house.  Not exactly exciting, but SO much easier than when the kids are there!


The living room was looking great and we were trying to decide on curtains.  We voted against both.


We got the kids back on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning woke up to this mess! They called school with a two hour delay, and with the time change and excitement of Grandma camp the girls slept until nearly 9.  I had the quiet time to work from home, so it all worked out fine and they seemed to need the extra sleep! (like everyone after a time change!)


This is basically how Olli felt about more snow and cold.


And how Abbi felt about not going to school until 10:30, too!


At a consignment sale I got Lilli a little sewing machine for kids and ordered some extra kits to go with it from Amazon.  She made this cute little pillow for her teacher’s birthday.


And the big day came – I went to school and filled out a TON of paperwork to register Abbi for kindergarten.  I didn’t take her with me like I had done with Lilli – this time I was smarter and knew I had an hour’s worth of paperwork ahead of me and that it’s a whole lot easier to do alone! And she’s pretty familiar with the school anyway.  When I registered Lilli it was the first time for either one of us to ever go inside.


Her usual gymnastics attire.  This little tutu is being hidden because it’s gotten a **tad** too small.  She looks like a peacock that can’t quite fluff itself out.


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Last Call

From March 4-9…..

I know most pictures of Olli usually involve Abbi, but Lilli is a pretty big fan, too.  While Abbi is more of his rough house partner, she tries to teach him tricks and likes him more when he’s calm and cuddly.


We were signed up for another Girl Scout cookie slot for selling inside the mall.  This was the very last day of cookie sales for the season (for all groups), so the girls only had about 50 boxes left to sell and they went through those in just over an hour to wrap up the Cookie Season.  Lilli ended up getting 5 patches and several little prizes for her sales.  She’s excited for next year and wants to sell 200 boxes!


One of their favorite dinners at home is “Subway night”.  It couldn’t be easier – grocery store hoagies, fresh deli turkey and melt the cheese in the microwave on top for 30 seconds.  Brent and I fancy ours up a bit, but the girls love some simple sandwiches.


Tooth #7 had been loose for a while and when she woke up this particular morning it was hanging on an angle and just uncomfortable.  We don’t have a lot of spare time in the mornings and she was too scared to let me pull it but it had gotten to that place where she really couldn’t eat, either.  She spent some time alone in the bathroom and came out and had pulled it! Luckily we still managed to make the bus on time with all that excitement!


That night we went to Chuck E Cheese – it had been a long time since we’d been and we were long overdue! We noticed way more cars in the parking lot than normal and when we went in there was a birthday party with a TON of balloons.  We mentioned it to the cashier and he said “Someone famous” was having a party but they couldn’t really figure out who it was.  We started eyeballing everyone and then zeroed in on Chris Stapleton – a really, really famous country singer right now.  His daughter was celebrating her birthday there, and at one point someone confused Lilli for the birthday girl.  Ha! Only in Nashville.


We didn’t take many pictures but ended up playing a lot of games and enjoying some pizza and a fun weeknight out.


Of course Abbi had to do cars and play all kinds of driving games.


Lilli left a sweet note for the tooth fairy that night.


We woke up to some snow the next morning.  Just No.


Lilli’s school had a spring fundraiser this year – a Glow Run (dark gym with glow in the dark necklaces).  She had to get donations for each lap and could win prizes for various levels she reached.  We didn’t ask for a lot of donations from friends since we just did Girl Scout cookies, but she still raised a lot of money and had fun doing it!


Running their laps – she did 30 laps.  I’m not sure how far that is inside the gym, and I didn’t go to the run (these pics are from another mom.)


That night we met my parents in Dickson for dinner and to transfer the girls for a weekend of Grandma camp! The girls were excited to get away for the weekend and have some fun without us!


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Spring Things

From Feb 27 – March 3…..

Our new piano came! We also ordered a stand and a chair off of Amazon to go along with it.  It’s a fantastic keyboard that sounds just like a real piano, it’s pretty amazing.  Lilli had been asking for lessons so we decided to go ahead and get one and see if she enjoys music.  We have several friends who have kids her age who have taken or are taking lessons, so I went with a company one of them recommended.  They come to our house every Thursday night for a half hour to do her lesson.  It works out SO well because we don’t have to get out in traffic and we can be cleaning up the kitchen, moving the yard, meeting with a window salesperson – you name it – while she’s getting her lesson.


Dad’s little egg helper on “Breakfast for Dinner” night.


Each year during the school library book drive we always participate in the “Brownies with your Bear” drive where you order a new book for the library and they put a dedication in the front cover.  This year Lilli picked this book and Brent went and had a brownie with her one day after lunch.  She got to be the first kid to check it out.


On Friday after school Lilli had a Girl Scout activity to go to so we had time to go out to eat Mexican food and look at animals at the pet store before it was time to pick her back up.  This little kitten was so cute!


Lilli went to “World Thinking Day” for the Girl Scouts hosted at a church in Brentwood.  Local troops got together and they could make some small items to sell other Girl Scouts representing a particular state (like selling a guitar shaped keychain for Tennessee).  Lilli’s group didn’t do a booth but instead shopped the other booths.  It was a fun evening of learning and I have no clue where she is in this picture of all the girls doing their Girl Scout song.


Brent finished the living room and started in on the kitchen with the gray.  It looks SO good.


And another kitchen shot.


Saturday was so pretty so the girls were helping me pick up some sticks and do some outdoor spring cleaning when Captain said he’d mow the yard for us.  We told him he didn’t have to do that and he told us Nancy had a new vacuum and told him to get outside and stay busy and that he literally didn’t have anything else to do.  He told us he’d just mow the front but….


Once he was done with that we saw him out in the backyard mowing back there, too.  He told us not to hire anyone this year and that between us all we’d get it done.  He’s mowed the front a few more times since then and we usually do the back and side.  It’s nice to have such a great neighbor.


That night we went out for conveyor belt sushi.  Lilli was a big fan of these spicy rolls!


And Abbi was always about three seconds aways from grabbing something on the conveyor belt that we didn’t want! She likes sushi as well, but she really like grabbing things off the belt.


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