Give me a B-H-S!

From Aug 10 – 13….

And on Friday of the kindergarten phase-in week all the kindergarten kids went for just the morning.  Once again we had to take her that morning a few minutes after Lilli and Brent took the afternoon off to hang out with her.  On her very last day of school freedom they did a few of her favorite things.  They went to Carmax and sat in cars.


They went to Petco and looked at animals (she was very proudly wearing her green kindergarten shirt.)


They went to the mall and had a pretzel snack.


And they even went to American Girl and got a little carrying bag for her doll.  Lilli’s had one for quite a while and we’d always told Abbi we’d get one for hers, too.  She also got a couple of new shirts and overall had a really fun “Abbi day”.


For no apparent reason that night most of Brentwood had a power outage that lasted a few hours.  It was around bedtime but of course it scared the kids so they stayed up for a bit and enjoyed the primitive life of seeing by candlelight.


He really loves laundry day.


We didn’t have anything going on that Saturday so we let each girl pick a friend to come and play.  That was our first “dual play date” and it went really well.  For the most part the pairs left the other pairs alone and there was a brief time-out to the never-ending sister wars.  Abbi had her good friend from preschool over – Stella.  Stella also lives in Brentwood but is zoned for a different elementary but the girls will be back together in middle school.  Her mom is also the assistant principal at the high school so she’s a great friend to have!


They had really missed each other all summer.  They were so sweet and picked right back up where they’d left off with each other.


Lilli had her friend Kelly over for the afternoon.  It was a nice day and the girls all had a lot of fun on the trampoline.


Lilli was already signed up for a cheer and dance clinic hosted by the BHS cheerleaders that Sunday afternoon.  When Stella was over that afternoon she mentioned she was doing the clinic – so Abbi asked me to sign her up last minute.  I was glad she found a friend doing it because it sounded like a lot of fun.  The cheerleaders teach them a dance that afternoon and the girls perform it before the game that Friday night.

They split them up by age so first the older girls come out – Lilli is far left in the next to last row.


At the end of the practice they showed the parents the routine.  Abbi did a great job – she’s third from left next to Stella.


First the older girls do part of the song, then the “middle aged” girls, then the youngest girls (Abbi’s group). I think it’s open for kindergarten through 6th or 7th grade girls.  Both girls LOVED the clinic and getting to hang out with “real” cheerleaders.


And at the end they had them all pose for a picture.  It was actually our first time to go inside the high school or do anything on campus.


And since it was a fundraiser for the BHS Dance team – they had these clever pictures for each girl’s mom to view.  Well of course we’re going to buy the cute picture! And they’re even smarter in that they didn’t photograph siblings together….two pictures – sold! They were also selling bows, shirts and more.  So of course both girls wanted a bow – just like the cheerleaders.


And Abbi with her cheerleader – she thought she was just “beautiful”.


The next day – Monday – was  a big day! Abbi’s first full day of kindergarten.  A whole day of school and she got to ride the bus to and from school for the first time.  She was definitely nervous but excited and ready.


And off they go – two full years of the same schedule and the same bus!


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