Christmas Lists

Below are the Christmas Lists for this year on Amazon-

Abbi-  List

This year Abbi is really into anything sparkly, baby dolls, mermaids, cars, Barbies and JoJo Siwa.  From her list she most wants the sand, cash register, and Barbie stuff.

Off the list, she wears a size 6 for shirts and pants, size 11 for shoes.  Since she just got her ears pierced she’s also wanting jewelry.  She always likes cash, purses, backpacks, keychains.  For Gift Cards she likes Justice, Claires and Target.

Lilli – List

Lilli is getting more into techy stuff and less into toys.  She’s really into Harry Potter right now (we’re reading the first book together).  She also really wants STEM/Science stuff, robots, lots of books, chemistry set and games.

Off the list, she wears a size 10 (usually) for shirts and is still mostly an 8 for pants, depending on the size.  Size 2 for shoes.  She likes more “grown up” clothes and accessories now and is getting more into beauty products.  For Gift Cards she likes Barnes and Noble, Claires, Justice, and Target.  Since she isn’t into toys as much either she likes experiences like the movies (AMC or Regal), TPAC gift cards for shows, places like SOAR or Above All, and other local events.

Brent and I – List

Brent and I really don’t need anything but put a few things on the list we’d like.  Our favorites from the list would be the glasses (we’ve broken so many of ours), the accessories for our Vitamix that I got for my birthday, and the Recast. We’ll have a lot more home projects next year with flooring and the deck so Home Depot and Lowes gift cards are always handy, as are Walmart since that’s where we do most of our shopping and get our groceries.

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