The Girl Scout Life

From Feb 23 – 26…

On Friday morning the girls had their annual well kid visit.  One nice thing about their birthdays being so close together is getting their appointments over at the same time.  We love our pediatrician but Green Hills isn’t exactly around the corner.

Lilli knew a flu shot was coming her way.


Abbi did not know a flu shot and all the kindergarten shots were coming her way.  But Lilli did.


This is Abbi, “opening wide”, for Dr Rauth.  We’ll call it “wide-ish”.

She actually did ok with her shots – better than Lilli did.  She cried and screamed and cried for a while about it, but she was fine.  They don’t do quite as many shots as they did before, so that worked out nicely.  We always get a first appointment of the day, so the down side is having to go to school after all those shots but we’d promised her a coke for being so brave and that helped a lot.

Both girls had great checkups and no problems.  Abbi is projected to be 5 foot 7 and Lilli is projected to be 5 foot 1.


After school we headed over to our friend Kelly’s house to drop Lilli off for an overnight trip to Girl Scout camp.  Kelly goes to a different school in our district and is in a different Brownie Troup, but her mom is the leader and they only had three girls going so she asked if Lilli wanted to be their fourth person.  Their troop is small (just 6 girls) and Lilli already knows some of the girls from past parties of Kelly’s and even from other things like church.  She was excited to go and spend time with Kelly and also check out where she’ll be for a week this summer at sleep away camp!


So, the remaining three of us headed to Pie 5 for some gluten free pizza and salad! Abbi was pretty much loving her only child status.


Lilli wasn’t having a bad time, either!


After pizza we took Abbi to Toys R Us to pick out a reward for her shots.  She ended up picking out this purple Descendants backpack.  We gave her a choice of pretty much anything she wanted (within about $20 reason) and she was fixed on that backpack.  She just loves bags of all shapes and sizes so it really wasn’t a surprising choice for her, and she still loves it.


The weekend was really projected to be pretty rainy and messy but ended up being not that bad at all! There had been rain on Friday but Saturday ended up being pretty good.  The girls did all kinds of arts and crafts and just had a lot of fun.


They didn’t get to ride the horses this time but they did get to paint them, decorate them with glitter and bows, and brush them.


Back at home Brent had hired some electricians to come and help finally rewire our outside spotlights that the raccoons and squirrels had chewed apart several years ago.  He doesn’t care for heights, so he let them handle all the tall stuff and he worked on the lower lights.


We picked Lilli up that afternoon (it was just an evening through lunchtime camp) and Brent took them to the park so I could work on consignment stuff and be ready for my drop off.  She’s tiny but strong!


Abbi was there too…..probably just sliding.


Then he took them for Icees at the gas station.  Basically they had “all the flavors”.


Sunday afternoon the electricians came back to finish the job.  I took the girls out for errands and treats at Starbucks – their favorite!


Sometimes I’m just signing them up for a camp and then find a picture of my kid on the registration screen! This was two summers ago, I remember that as the summer she tried to be in ALL the pictures!


And the finished result of the lighting project!


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This n That

From Feb 17 – 22….

We’d had to postpone our annual birthday “party” with the family due to the flu that 3 people ended up having at the same time! With all the crazy schedules and weather we ended up just meeting in Dickson for lunch.  Dickson is right around an hour for everyone, so it was a good meeting spot to keep it easy.  We tried to get into Cracker Barrel but after waiting more than an hour we weren’t any closer to a table so we drove up the road to Zaxbys (which is really better food than much of anything I’ve had at Cracker Barrel for the last year!)  We didn’t get any good pictures, but this one is pretty funny.


That monkey came to church with us the next day, too.


We really like trying out new city parks and we’d heard about a newer one back in a neighborhood so we went for a little while one afternoon.  It was really nice and has a large walking track around the playground and lots of fun things to swing/slide/climb.  And it’s tucked back in a subdivision so it’s not crowded.


Trying out the slides.


One of the perks of my jobs is getting all the state holidays off.  Presidents Day was going to be one of the great ones where I had the day off but everyone else was in school – basically the unicorn of all days that happens only on Veterans Day and Presidents Day since schools are usually closed for most other holidays.  And our district was the only one NOT closed on Presidents Day.  For Valentines Brent had even surprised me with a half day spa package for a 90 minute massage and a manicure, to enjoy on Presidents Day! And then….there was the awful school shooting in Florida.  And on Thursday of the week before Presidents Day on Monday our school decided to close for Presidents Day and readdress safety protocols in all schools.  Not cool.  So……it ended up being a Lilli and Me day.

She’d been wanting to see The Greatest Showman and I’d heard great things about it, too, so I found us a late morning matinee to see.  We ended up going to watch it at the Green Hills theater which is all recliner seats now.  I have to say – it was SUPER comfortable.


And the movie was great.  Both girls are doing songs from it in their end of year performances.  It may be hard to watch a movie in a non reclining theater from now on! Plus it just felt like you had so much more space.


Afterwards I told Lilli was just going to read on the deck for a bit and enjoy the pretty day before everyone else got home.  Still had to TRY and make some relaxation time since it was MY day off, too.  I guess now I’ll be waiting until Veterans Day for the magic to strike again!


Our gym was celebrating it’s 35th birthday and had fun props, prizes and popcorn for everyone that week! Lilli and her friend Emerson.


And Abbi, who didn’t want to pose with them.


We got her annual picture back.  Of course we’re buying it so we can remember her “I’m always wearing ballet stuff to gymnastics” phase.


We’d had to cancel our Valentines Date Night that we’d booked for the Saturday afternoon Valentines, so we had the girls’ favorite sitter over one night and we went out for Indian food, a little shopping, and of course Starbucks.


Taco Thursday has become everyone’s favorite night of the week.  These girls can put away some tacos!! We typically alternate and have tacos one week and then nachos the next to mix it up a bit.  And this week I swapped out the beef for turkey.  Shh………..they’ll never know.


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Valentines 2018

From Feb 10 – 16…..

After resting most of the day on Saturday, Lilli wasn’t running a fever and wanted to help Brent paint in the living room and hallway.  He got her a brush and she painted most of the foyer outside the gym.  When she went to bed she was feeling ok, not 100% but no fever at that time.


In the middle of the night (maybe around 2 am) she came into our room saying she was having trouble breathing and she was definitely worried.  Of course seeing Lilli worried and anxious made Abbi absolutely freak out and she started screaming and crying.  One of us got Abbi out of the room and calmed down while the other got Lilli into a steam shower so she could break up all the junk in her chest.  And her fever had shot back up to 102.


The next day we just all stayed at home.  With the entire world having this contagious flu mess we didn’t want to be carriers or pick it up anywhere.  She woke up running a low fever but would get bursts of energy and do more painting and then rest.


Abbi even got in on the action.


I worked from home on Monday and Lilli stayed home and her fever seemed to break.  She went back to school on Tuesday and did fine and somehow the rest of us never caught it.  Brent went to her Valentines party at school.


And then they both went over to Abbi’s party/Valentines snack.


We got them a few little gifts but nothing major.  Some candy, books, and a small stuffed animal.  We cooked steak and had a fun night.


Lilli’s sweet card to us.


Friday night Emerson’s mom picked Lilli up from school and took her over to Joann’s to sell cookies.  They did a good job and most of the ladies going in and out stopped to buy cookies from the girls.  I think their high energy sales tactics worked well.  While she was there, they talked themselves into a sleepover so she ended up going home with Emerson to spend the night.  Such a big girl.


Abbi always has a hard time when Lilli is gone so we tried to make it special for her.  We tried a new Mexican restaurant that was really good (except for being SO slow) and then went to Target to look at toys.  Going to bed alone is always the hardest part for her so……we let her change bunks for the night and that did the trick.  Just don’t tell big Sis.


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Cookie Time!

From Feb 3 – 9…..

Just girl and her bestie!


Our Girl Scout cookies came in so we went over to pick them up at our cookie coordinator’s house.  Then we spent the afternoon sorting them into her different orders and started delivering them.


For lunch, we had our first annual Girl Scout tasting party.  We’d bought one of each for ourselves to try them all out so we cracked them open, cut some cookies into smaller pieces, and each sampled at least a bite of each one.


And then we had to rank them.  I don’t think I’ve ever bought a Do Si Do before but they are SO good and they’ll be on our purchase list from here on out!


The girls always enjoy dinner at Big Shakes when there’s live music.  You can not beat their chicken tenders.


I saw on Pinterest the idea to take two Trefoil cookies, put ice cream in the middle and roll it in sprinkles.  The girls LOVED that.


Brent had painted just about the entire living room when we decided our “gray” was really “blue”.  So we got a few truly gray samples and spent a few days deciding what we really liked.


Picture night at gymnastics.  She wear a ballet tutu every week, so her outfit for that night was 100% perfect.


This was the week where pretty much the entire planet had the flu.  As the week progressed, there were two days where 9 out of 20 kids were out in Lilli’s class, and on Friday there were 11 kids out.  She texted us when she got home that she felt bad, and like she was going to throw up.  Brent was near the house so he went ahead and headed there and I picked up Abbi. They went to the Little Clinic and she had a 102 fever but was negative for flu and strep.  I still think she had the flu because her symptoms were so similar to what other people had.


She’d feel good and then be tired and achy, and she ran a fever for several days.  It was definitely not the kick off to the weekend we had hoped for!


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This & That

From Jan 27 – Feb 2….

The weather was pretty mild so we took a quick afternoon trip to the zoo.  Since we’re members it’s nice to not worry about seeing everything and we can just go to one area and explore if we don’t have a lot of time before closing.


Abbi wanted to bring her own backpack with snack and her phone to take pictures.  Such a big girl!


The red pandas are a family favorite.


The animals were really active and putting on quite a show for us.  This cat was playing and climbed to the top of the tree and we were all watching to see what he might do!


He ended up jumping across to the net and then climbing all the way down.  It was really fun to watch.


Lilli had saved up some money from birthdays and other things and wanted to stop in the Gift Shop.  That’s not something we typically do for things in town and save it for our trips, but we told her she was more than welcome to spend her savings on a new stuffed animal.  She was so sweet and gave Abbi a small (but still generous) budget to pick out something for herself.  Lilli got a large penguin on clearance, and Abbi got a smaller flamingo.  Seeing the size of Lilli’s stuffed animal versus hers just didn’t sit well with Abbi and she couldn’t quite get that Lilli was being very sweet and generous.  It’s tough to get that at 5.


Lilli with her new friend.


And a very sad Abbi.


Later that week I had a party to go to for a friend, so the girls got treated to a rare night out at McDs.


As they chowed down on leftover cake I can tell I was really missed!


I drop off Abbi after the bus comes from Lilli, so most days she doesn’t get to school until 8:30.  When Chorus is in session for Lilli she has to be at school early and Abbi loves being one of the first kids and having more center choices.  We usually get there around 7:15-7:30 on those days, and are usually about the third kid to get there.  On this particular day we were hoofing it and managed to be first! Probably the first and last time that will ever happen.


She loves to help wash some dishes.


With her best bud.


Sporting her authentic Pux Phil necklace on Groundhog day and she got posted by her teacher.  Brent and I got them both necklaces when we visited old Phil in 2016.


PE these days is WAY cooler than when I was in school (or at least in our district!) They do bowling in the fall for all grades, and this year she got to start a few weeks of archery.  They just finished up a month of roller skating, too.  For archery they like to have a lot of volunteers so no one shoots anyone’s eye out, so I signed up for one class on a Friday afternoon.  I had a small group of 4 I was responsible for and most of them were pretty good already.  The parents even got one turn at the end to shoot, too.  I can’t wait for it to warm up so we can get our targets back out, too!


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Turning 9 with Friends

From January 25 – 26…..

This year for her birthday we told Lilli we’d reached the point of phasing out the giant (and expensive!) parties out at places, and that she could have one friend over to spend the night and then go out shopping or do some fun things, or have a 4 friends over for a sleepover.  She chose the sleepover option.  We’ve never had more than 2 friends at a time spend the night, so this was definitely a larger undertaking than in the past, and we wanted to make sure we kept the girls BUSY because we’ve learned in the past when they don’t have a task they are just wild at this age.

Lilli wanted Sonic so we printed out menus they could circle to make it easier on us.


She had her friends Reese, Emerson, and Katelyn from school and her friend Kelly that we originally met through gymnastics.  Of course Abbi was right in the middle of it all.  As soon as they got to our house they put on PJs and started running throughout the house…..there was SO.MUCH. squealing while we ate.


She wanted a Descendants cake so we took a picture to Publix and they worked off of that.  It’s Uma’s octopus legs and the boat chains.


And then we ordered some accessories from Amazon for it.  All the girls loved it since this is “the” movie of the year for their tween age.


Looking so grown!


After cake they opened presents.


I had bought a sleepover game where you act out silly things and try to get people to laugh, etc.


Once that got dull we pulled out some leftover pillowcases from her kindergarten “un slumber” party and they colored those.


They actually got really into that and spent a lot longer on it than I would’ve imagined.  They’re at a good age for lots of crafting.


Their finished products were really nice looking and they all signed each other’s pillowcases.  For their goodie bags we also gave each girl a small stuffed animal and panda sleep mask (which is why you see a lot of sleep masks in the pictures!)


Afterwards we had popcorn and candy and watched Princess Diaries. A couple of the girls had seen it before but others hadn’t and it was overall a big hit with the girls.  By this point it was nearly 11 and they were all still SO wired.  A couple of them are not great listeners and getting them to settle down was not a bit easy or pleasant.  We had thought they finally got quieted down, but the next morning their story was that a few of them were up until two am – and then one of them told Alexa to set an alarm for 6 am – which then woke them all up WAY too early and led to more difficult personalities and a VERY tired Lilli.  Lesson learned that we need to disable Alexa for future sleepovers.


We made eggs, bacon, cinnamon rolls and had other goodies for breakfast.  These girls PUT AWAY some eggs! I can’t remember exactly but they put away over a dozen eggs.  Who says boys are the hungry ones?


They packed up their stuff and then were sent outside to jump.  They needed that.  Badly.  One by one they all started heading home.


There was a pretty good mess to clean up after they left – including a spot on our carpet where one friend had opened silly putty and gotten it completely stuck to the carpet.  Lilli was in charge of that, and at one point she got really upset and said she didn’t have fun and that some of the girls were just too messy and don’t listen.  A lot of that was driven by the lack of sleep and just overstimulation – a couple of those girls are just INCREDIBLY loud.  And difficult.   We had a good talk about how some friends are better to play with, others are more fun to have sleepover, and that neither is bad – just different.  There’s a girl or two where there’s always a lot of tears and mostly TIREDNESS afterwards because they just don’t sleep or they have a bad attitude.  After some lunch I told her she could nap in bed with me.


I slept for maybe an hour and a half – she slept three and a half hours and then we woke her up because it was time for dinner.  Sleepovers and girl drama aren’t easy! She said next year she just wants to pick a friend and have them sleepover and do some fun things around town with all the money saved from hosting a lot of people.  I think we are all down for that!


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Turning Nine

From January 22 – 24….

Before Preschool one morning – a little bit country, a little bit sporty, and a fair amount of Karate Kid.  She’s a girl with her own style!


Lilli woke up on her birthday to lots of fun balloons from the Birthday Fairy and she wanted cinnamon rolls that morning, too.  Thinking hard about that wish…..


Brentwood’s newest Nine year old! I happened to find those shirts at Target this year and they were perfect for both girls!


I went and had lunch with Lilli for her birthday and she picked her friend Emerson to sit with us at the “special” table.  They don’t allow you to bring in any food for birthdays due to the “obesity epidemic”, so we sent in little erasers for her to give all her friends.


She didn’t want to skip gymnastics on her birthday eve so we went out for her traditional Mexican dinner on her actual birthday.  We ran into her third grade teacher and Emerson and her family, too! It was a popular night for Mexican food!


I didn’t get her anything especially big for her birthday but she was excited about all the smaller things I found.  She’d been wanting a bookmark that has a timer on it for a long time and was THRILLED!


She LOVES World Record books so we ordered her an old (out of print) one from the year she was born.  I also got her several animal fact books, some gemstone kits, a few little Animal Jam things and a gymnastics play set for her American Girls.


She picked out a small chocolate cake for her actual birthday, we had a larger cake for her slumber party.


The new 9 year old!


And Brent had been wanting to recreate one of her early baby pics and while she didn’t really understand she was happy enough to play along!


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