Theater Week

From June 23 – 28…..

Another letter showed up after she was home….


Her counselor only had great things to say about her – she was a really sweet college aged British girl.  (Asparagus is just her “camp” name.)


She helped me make some fresh lemonade – it takes a lot of squeezing to make some fresh, low sugar lemonade.


We had an old pool we had bought on clearance a few years ago and we decided to go ahead and get it out for the kids.  It pretty much took all afternoon for it to fill up.


Meanwhile Brent was starting to tear down the old fence to get ready for putting up a new one.  Our back fence was in terrible shape and was falling down in several spots.  It was long overdue for an update.  He got some of the orange fencing to put up to keep Olli in.  I’ll let you know how that went…..


After some hard work they all got in the little pool for a while.


That week the girls went to camp at Nashville Children’s Theater.  Abbi’s class was a fun class with games and just learning basic imagination type things.  Lilli wanted to do musical theater so hers was all singing and dancing.  Once again Abbi had a really hard time at drop off.  The teachers were great and very welcoming, but there was still a LOT of tears.  I emailed the Director later and he was so nice and sent me a couple of pictures of her having fun.


She had a rough time at drop off every day, but I know she had a good time from the way she’d talk about it later that night.  And it helped that she got to eat lunch with Lilli.  Lilli ended up having a friend from Adventure Science also be in her group! It’s a small world in the camp circuit.


I assure you this only happens when Brent picks them up.


Lilli was still so mad that they didn’t get to dissect at Science camp that when we saw a dead katydid on the deck we decided to dissect it.  They were really grossed out by everything in his intestines!


A little more time in the pool!


The toughest thing about the logistics of the girls being at Children’s Theater was getting through all these tourists to get them every afternoon! It was our first year to do this camp and it really was so well done, and something different than some of our usual camps.


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Home Sweet Home

From June 21-22…..

The week Lilli was gone to camp Abbi went back to “summer camp” at her old daycare.  They offered summer camp for the kids leaving for kindergarten – but basically it was a small, windowless room with just a few random toys and not a lot of structure.  So we had only signed her up for it the one week Lilli would be gone and planned the rest of their summer together for logistical ease for us and for her to have a more fun experience (hopefully).  Many of her friends had also moved on, too, so she really wasn’t missing out on too much by not staying for summer.  But during her very last week there she started feeling bad Wednesday night.  I really can’t remember what she said was hurting but the next day (on Thursday) she missed school and Brent took her to the doctor.


It couldn’t have been anything because they spent the rest of the day at the park and out playing, and she did go back for her very last day on Friday.  It really would have stank to miss her very last (ever!) day of daycare!


And she felt good enough for a Thursday night picnic at Cheekwood.  They had a really pretty summer exhibit with all these giant plastic animals everywhere.  It was really SO pretty, bright and colorful.


All summer Cheekwood had Thursday nights open for picnics and stayed open late – but when Lilli was in town on Thursdays she had piano at 7 pm, which pretty much blocked us from doing summer picnics there.  Piano was the only activity we kept in the summer since she had started not too long before summer break.


It was a great night to stretch out on our picnic blankets, enjoy the live music, and of course the art.


The exhibit was also inside the museum.  I think this is one of my favorites Cheekwood has had – I loved all the bright colors and just FUN designs!


And since it was plastic – it wasn’t totally off limits for touching.  There was one figure Abbi almost knocked over because she didn’t realize how very lightweight they were when she went to hug one!


The alligators were my favorite, along with the snails.


And then here it was – our very, very, very last day of daycare FOREVER!! We’d been paying daycare from May 2009 all the way until June 2018! A very, very long time and it was absolutely monumental to write that FINAL daycare check.  We were extremely lucky to have some wonderful teachers over those years that both girls loved – and many of them we are still in touch with over social media and text.  Many of them are still babysitters for us.  We had a few not so good teachers over the years – but the great ones far outweighed the bad ones.  It was a bittersweet day but one we were very ready for.  Abbi didn’t really understand she wouldn’t be going back, so she didn’t exactly understand the saying good-bye process, but that’s understandable.


And that same day it was time to pick up Lilli from her very first week away.  Their camp ended in early afternoon so I headed out to pick her up from camp.  Seeing her come bouncing down the hill was SUCH a huge relief.  I think she looked about five years older.  They loaded her luggage in and off we went.  She had had a great camp, but had started getting homesick and tired from just so much activity and cabin life.  Of course she was so happy to see Olli.


None of her letters arrived home to us before she did – three of them came the day she got home and a couple the day after.


It was cute to hear all her thoughts – the things she ate, activities she did.


And then you can see when she starts getting a little tired and missing home.  Ha!


I had made reservations for us all to have a celebration dinner at one of our favorite date night spots, Uncle Julio’s.  We’d never taken the girls so we thought it would be a fun treat.  It’s less than 3 miles from our house but when you’re tired….you’re tired.


But we had a great dinner and it was fun to hear all about her experiences at camp.


Afterwards we even treated them to some Jeni’s and we sat out on the plaza and let the girls run and play.


Abbi was mostly happy her sister was home, but kept that joy a little deep down in her heart.


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Science, Father’s Day and Camp

From June 16 – 20…..

Even though neither girl had all that great of a time at Adventure Science camp that week they both wanted to go back on Saturday and just play.  I don’t think they felt like they’d really gotten to play enough in all their favorite spots so they wanted the chance to just play.  They ran into several of their counselors running some special activities and they had a good time running around the Science Center.

Lilli really wanted someone to do the adventure “ride” with her so I agreed to do it.  We did the same roller coaster she’d done the day before and Goodness! That was a rough ride.


I definitely prefer a real roller coaster to this sort of experience where they just fling you around and around.  I’ve always wanted to try it and it’s included with our membership so it was fun to finally do.


Gotta keep up our picture tradition on the spineless body.


And then she talked Brent into doing the moonwalk  – she was finally tall enough and heavy enough to do that one (Abbi still isn’t quite big enough).


It was pretty hilarious to watch.  It did not look comfortable.  Abbi and I were just laughing and laughing.  I think this is one Brent has crossed off his bucket list.


I don’t think he was too sad when they called their time up.  But it’s another one we’d never gotten to try before! It’s nice when it’s not super crowded there and we can try a few things for the first time.  And possibly the last.


We ran out and did a little Father’s Day shopping.  We ran to Publix to get Brent a key lime pie to wrap and they found this card.


It was too hard to resist!


Then it was time to drop Lilli off for Girl Scout camp for the first time.  It’s on the NorthWest side of time about 45 minutes from here, so thankfully not too far.  She was going with her very best friend, Kelly, for a week of horses and fun.  Kelly had gotten there first and got them a couple of top bunks in the back.


Super excited for their first overnight camp away from home!


There were a ton of girls in the cabin and it definitely looked like it was going to be full of a lot of energy! Once we got her all tucked in and settled we could tell she was ready for us to go.


A big hug from little sis before we left.


We got several pictures that week but I don’t think we saved most of them off except this one.  She looks like quite the expert horse rider!


On our way back we stopped to hike at Beaman park.  That side of town is so pretty and we’re never over on that side of town.


We pretty much had the place to ourselves that afternoon.  It was such a pretty park and we’d love to go back over there sometime.


One night we took Abbi to the pool to go swimming.


And one night we let her help us mow the yard.   She was definitely missing Lilli but also excited to get to do her own special things, too.


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Home Sweet Home

From June 9 – 15……

We slept in, ate some breakfast and then had to figure out how to get all our tons of stuff back into our suitcases along with all the things we’d bought and picked up along the way! Lilli was feeling fine so Brent took the kids to the pool for one last swim so I could try and figure out the best way to reorganize our luggage.


The girls had a good time – even if the pool was pretty crowded! An indoor pool like that is really never empty.


Then it was time to head back to the airport to fly home.  We didn’t have to go back through Philly but we did get a nice view of the city as we headed to the airport.


We ate lunch at the airport and of course Abbi watched planes coming and going while we waited.


You must always, always touch the plane for luck.


Ready to fly! It wasn’t a full plane on our way home which was really, really nice.  I’m always a fan of some personal space.


Home Sweet Nashville.


For the next week of summer break Abbi was headed to her first camp.  We were excited for her and Lilli to be in the same place and on the same schedule – but we knew it would be tough for Abbi to be in a new environment and without her comfort zone of teachers and friends.

And it was a tough week for her.  She had a terrible time at drop off and the counselors were college kids who really didn’t know how to deal with anxious kids.  She’d cry every morning at drop off, have a hard time going in, and eventually she’d go in with Lilli.  At least they got to play for a few minutes before splitting up into their groups.


They’d post pictures of them throughout the day and she’d always look like she was having fun, and she did say she made a friend or two.  But every morning was worse than the day before and she’d work herself into a frenzy about it.  One day they called me because she said her stomach was hurting and they sent her home.  She wasn’t sick – on the way home she wanted Sonic and then also ate Chic Fil A.  She was just stressed and letting that affect her physically and they just weren’t capable to deal with it.



The next day wasn’t much better and once again they called me.  I told them it wasn’t anything physical and that this was being driven from her anxiety.  I gave them some tips, told them to let her see her sister, and they called me later and said she’d fallen asleep in the Director’s office.  They called me again later and said once she woke up she had lunch, visited with Lilli, and was doing fine later.  Needless to say it was a long, long week and not a great way to kick off her summer camp experience.


Meanwhile Lilli had a pretty ok time.  There was a girl she recognized from other camps in the past and they became fast friends.  She had picked this week because the camp brochure said they were going to dissect a grasshopper – and instead they dissected a flower.  Not the same at all.  She was pretty disappointed with the camp overall and the small amount of material they learned.  Needless to say neither girl wants to go back there this summer.


She was excited to ride the Space Coaster ride for the first time – I think that was her main highlight!


The best part of summer is all the daylight in the evenings and having more free time from homework and all the activities of regular life.  It’s hard to beat playing in the creek and enjoying a summer night.


Living his best life.


All dance all the time.


Fourth of July Walmart fashion!


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Philly Trip: Day 6

From June 8 –

We loaded up the car to hit the road for the Jersey Shore! Our car was nice but just a bit too small! The girls had to ride with the stroller in the backseat under their legs.  Definitely not ideal!


Our path took us South, back through Philly and down to the Jersey shore.  And unfortunately Philly traffic was slow.  But it was fun to see the city one last time.


Welcome to New Jersey!


New Jersey is a really interesting state – it has a lot of service areas off the interstate with food and gas that serve as rest stops.  We stopped for a bathroom break and when the girls and I went in the bathroom we saw a “family stall” within the women’s bathroom.  How awesome was this? This would have been so great when the girls were little.  Of course they still loved it.


This was really the only day we spent several hours in the car, the rest of the trip had been short rides so they had to spend a lot of time entertaining each other.


And then finally we were heading into the Jersey beach area.  We’d wanted to book a hotel around there that night but with it being a Friday night there was very little available and what they did have was really expensive.  So our plan was to visit for the afternoon and then head back to our hotel closer to the airport.


We grabbed a parking spot and then headed to the Boardwalk and the beach.  It was definitely not a hot beach day – it was only 69 which for us is chilly but for a lot of Jersians was beach weather!


The girls put on their swimsuits under their clothes in case they wanted to get wet.  The Jersey shore is what you think of when you think of older beach towns – boardwalk shops and food, lots of beach space and it’s not littered with houses and condos.


We were cracking up at all the people playing in the ocean and laying out – it was so chilly! We’re definitely wired differently in the South.  Ha!


We also got cracked up by all the rules.  I think we were supposed to get a beach pass somewhere but we had no clue where.  And also when the lifeguards leaves you’re supposed to get out of the water.


But these two didn’t feel the chill and they were more than happy to run and play on the beach.


Did I mention it was chilly??


We stuck our toes in the water but that was all we were willing to do! There were tons of people swimming in the ocean.  61 degree water just wasn’t enough for us!




They founds all kinds of shells and brought several of them home with us.


They ran and played until the lifeguards blew the whistle and started clearing people out of the water.


We spent some time on the boardwalk looking at the shops and grabbing a snack before we left.  Compared to Florida the beaches in New Jersey aren’t nearly as pretty or even in the same league, but the boardwalk is super fun.


The hotel I picked for our final night had a big indoor pool, so the girls were excited about that.


After dinner we headed down to the pool but Lilli was feeling under the weather and never got in.  I think she may have been tired from such a busy week.   We were all getting tired and ready to head home the next day.


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Philly Trip – Day 5, Part 2

From June 7…

There was all kinds of fun things going on across the park at all times.  We’d see bands walking by, pop up character shows, little game shows – just all kinds of fun! When we were in-between rides and walking around we saw a band walking through so we decided to follow them because they had all kinds of characters we hadn’t met yet.


It ended up being a pop up dance party so we had fun enjoying the show and the girls got to dance with a character as part of the show.


We were down by the water park at this point, but we didn’t bring any swimsuits since we knew our day would be so full of the regular rides.  You really could spend several days at this park and still never get bored.  If we ever went back we’d plan to spend 2-3 days so we could enjoy the fun water rides and we never even made it over to the Zoo America side or to watch any of the shows in the actual theaters.

Brent was grabbing some ice cream for us when a game show stopped and popped up in front of us.


They were picking kids out of the audience to be in the game show and Lilli got picked! She had to play a fun little game and then won a giant bag of Twizzlers.


We spent the rest of the afternoon riding ride after ride after ride.  We’d all 4 ride stuff, sometimes we’d pair up and Brent and Lilli would do a coaster or she and I would do something that spins around.  The great thing about this park was that there was always something a pair of us would want to without having to go too far from the other pair.  And lots of times the girls would want to ride some things together.


When time was starting to run out we let them pick a few of their favorites to repeat.  Of course Abbi wanted to ride the cars and we let Lilli drive us all.


A big favorite for us all….


A ride where we worked as teams to shoot at various candy targets was a huge family favorite.


There was one roller coaster we knew Abbi was tall enough to ride, but we couldn’t see the track because it was an indoor roller coaster with glow in the dark effects.  She’d ridden some coasters that day so we thought she’d enjoy it.  Famous last words.  We did enjoy the funhouse mirrors in the wait line – but the fact that the line was somewhat long should have clued us in to it being a little too intense for her.


This was about the last smile of the ride.  It was definitely intense – spinning us around and backwards and lots of swift turns.  It was a lot.  She was scared to death but luckily it ended soon.  Even Lilli was pretty scared by this one, but later they both said it was fun.


We worked our way out towards the front riding anything still open until all the rides were closed for the night.  We were able to find Kit Kat on the way out…


Of course on our way out we had to stop in the gift shop and for a few last pictures.


Such a fun day.  We will definitely visit HersheyPark again, it was so much fun and a major vacation highlight.


When I say we shut the place down I mean it – one of the first ones there and last to leave.  We made the most of our day!


Poor Abbi was so tired.  When we got back to the hotel she just laid down on our bed with her special blankie and went right to sleep with her new Reese stuffed animal.  She was a trooper and hung in there with us hard all day.  Vacation is exhausting!


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Philly Trip – Day 5, Part 1

From June 7 –

We had one goal on this day – to be one of the first people to arrive at Hershey Park.  Our goal was to get there early and stay until they closed.

I don’t think we were the only people with that goal.  It was a mess to get in right at opening time, there wasn’t any clear line strategy and there were a lot of field trips and other large groups.


They had all these cute spots to measure the kids and see which candy they were – that way you knew which rides they were tall enough to ride.  Lilli was excited to be a Hershey Bar.


Abbi was a Reeses.  And I was a Jolly Rancher.  Brent is adult height so he didn’t have a category. Ha!


At first Abbi was pretty overwhelmed and scared to ride things.  I was hoping it wasn’t going to be a repeat of Dollywood, but once we found a few things she wanted to ride she warmed up.


Then she got more and more adventurous.


Of course she wanted to ride the semi trucks.  And Lilli is always a good sport and still small enough to want to ride a lot of these same things, too.


Most of the time we didn’t wait more than a few minutes to ride anything, but the old timey and race cars were a bit of a wait.  Abbi was determined to drive the cars so we did wait in line for that, and it was absolutely one of her favorites.


Lilli and I rode the Kisses Tower Drop together – they take you up to the top then drop you over and over again.  It was definitely frightening but we loved it! I could never talk her into working her way up to Reeses height though!


And the characters – absolutely one of their favorite parts of the park! They’d see a character and just run over to meet them and take a picture.


The joy in that face! She was having the time of her life.


This little Frog Hopper was also a huge favorite of Abbi’s.  I’m not sure how many times she rode it.


They did eventually ride some things without us.  I think after the big Hershey drop Lilli didn’t find this one nearly as interesting.


They found Hershey! We were really not sure how many characters they had, so it was always really exciting when we saw one walking around.


Abbi’s face says it all….


And of course a Kiss.  To be continued…..


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