Fair Day!

From August 4 –

Going to the Williamson County Fair every year is always one of our very favorite things to do.  We usually go with friends, but this year with the way school started and the way the fair fell we had to go on a Saturday instead of one evening.  We got there as soon as it opened and bought the pass for rides for the first half of the day thinking it might be less busy (and it was).  We were all really excited to ride some rides, even if we knew they wouldn’t be quite to the Hershey Park level from earlier in the summer.


There was no line at all for the Cyclops so I jumped on.  And ended up riding it completely alone which was so strange! And it’s really strange to want to scream when you’re the only person on a ride.  Definitely more fun with friends!


Lilli and I rode the giant swings.


And Lilli and Brent did the Ferris Wheel – I’ve never been a big fan of the open Ferris Wheel!


Even though Abbi is definitely not a short girl there’s still quite a few things she wasn’t quite tall enough to ride.  So she would stand and sadly watch nearby…..


It was just so, so hot – which is quite normal for the middle of the day in August in the South.  We wanted to ride nonstop but had to take breaks inside and would enjoy the farm stuff and other exhibits.  We hated missing out on the short lines but it was just blistering hot with no shade.


We enjoyed all the animals and seeing all the different award winning chickens, pigs and more.  And these baby pigs were too stinking cute.


The girls wanted to ride this little enclosed spinning ride.  It was so insanely hot inside it – it was basically like sitting inside an oven.


One last picture in case we all passed out from heat stroke.


Brent and the girls rode the slide – the slide is one of very few things I won’t ride.  I’m there for all the spinning and flipping – but not a bumpy slide.


Once our ride passes expired we let the girls each play a game so they can win some major prizes.


We went in and watched a horse show for a bit – but it was also like sitting inside a hot oven.


And we spent some time inside the expo center and did some of the kid crafts and other games they had set up before we headed out for the day.  It was really nice to have an entire day to spend there, so often when we go at night we don’t see any of the exhibits or get to see as many of the animals as we did that day.  It was another great day at the fair and we can’t wait to go again next August.


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