Dec 29th – Walmart and Dinner Out!

The week between Christmas and New Years I worked a couple of days (and mostly focused on getting all my last minute CPE in to keep my CPA license active) and then took off two days and Lilli and I played around town.

Thursday morning she and I didn’t really have anything going on so we went to Walmart to play with toys and check out Christmas clearance. I actually got several toys on clearance that I put back for her birthday.It’s always SO nice to go places during the week when they aren’t as crowded.
We even stopped and picked up Happy Meals for lunch. It doesn’t get better than that!
That evening we met Adam, Julia and Ella Kate “Roses” for dinner at Fazolis. Lilli looooves Ella Kate. She thinks every baby we see is Ella Kate.
Getting a good picture of the guys and their girls is just not going to happen, probably ever.
Maybe Brent can do some of his photoshop magic and crop together enough pictures where everyone is looking at least once.
Regardless of failed photo attempts we had a great time catching up with Adam and Julia, and seeing Ella Kate. And we can’t wait to see them again – oh wait, we already have. Magically being six weeks behind in blogging gives me all kinds of insight into the future!!

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